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French Provincial Kitchen: Traditional but Definitely Not Outdated

French Provincial Kitchen: Traditional but Definitely Not Outdated

With its origins from the city of romance, there is so much to love about a French Provincial kitchen. Classic elegance, refined chic and simple, modern solutions; French Provincial kitchens are as stylish as they are functional.

With some sensual chic over here and a bit of oh la la over there, French Provincial kitchens have long been a popular kitchen design choice. But, how can something that has been around for so long still be so relevant these days?

French Provincial kitchens stay relevant to the changing needs and desires of modern kitchen design and function through adaptability.

The French Provincial kitchens we see today are indeed different to those you would have seen back in the 18th century. But as living demands progressed, the French Provincial kitchen has had no trouble keeping up. An ageless style with high-quality fixtures and fittings; the roots of French Provincial kitchen design are what has kept it so valuable.

The origin of French Provincial kitchens

Modern French Provincial kitchens are inspired from a design style that was prevalent throughout French Provence homes hundreds of years ago. The style has transitioned over the years to coincide with changing functionality of kitchens and living spaces. But the distinctive design aesthetics are what have kept this a popular style today.

Top design features of a French Provincial kitchen

Subtly ornate but crisp appearance

Modern French Provincial kitchens seamlessly combine the ornate detailing of the traditional design with the clean lines and fresh, accommodating space of today’s kitchens. Think smooth benchtops with clean edges, crisp ceramic tiling and timber kitchen cabinetry with subtle etching. French Provincial kitchens of today tend to feature simple, gentle accents that honour it’s design heritage but are not to overbearing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a new French Provincial kitchen with all the recognisable stylings if that is your desire.

Simple colour

French Provincial kitchen colours remain fairly true to their origins. Stained with simple colours such as white, cream and light grey hues. Traditionally, this basic backdrop is accentuated by other subtle tones to add interest. Eggshell blue and seafoam green are popular accents with the French Provincial design.

Modern French Provincial kitchens however, have seen an introduction of darker, heavier colours like black and charcoal for features. As with the traditional shades, these colours are usually used as accents only against the lighter backdrop.

Natural elements

Natural elements such as stone, timber and iron are popular French Provincial kitchen features.

Some common design features we see included in French Provincial kitchen projects include:

  • expose timber beams and timber features – immaculately presented on ceilings and feature walls
  • stone kitchen benchtops, like granite and Caesar stone (for a budget-friendly alternative you could consider stone-look laminate coated benchtops too)
  • marble or coloured glass splashbacks (grey-coloured smoked glass works especially well in French Provincial kitchens)
  • wooden or oversized, smooth stone tiled flooring


French Provincial kitchen accessories

With a relaxed base design, French Provincial kitchens get a lot of their character from accessories. To nail down the look, following are a few ideas from our Harrington Kitchens design experts on how to accessorise your French Provincial kitchen.

Cast iron

Think French patisserie and French baking shops adorned with beautifully crafted cast iron. Sculptured cast iron is perfectly French and thus perfect in a French Provincial kitchen.

Cast iron legs on breakfast barstools, a cast iron benchtop recipe book stand, a cast iron mug rack, or more impressively, a cast iron pot rack suspended above the bench. These accessories are quintessential of the French Provincial kitchen style.

Heavy-set cast iron pots, pans and cookware also help introduce some French sass into this kitchen design. You can find these in a range of colours, but we particularly love black or cream and off-white.

Porcelain and ceramics

For a perfectly French twist, showcase your set of crisp porcelain or ceramic dinnerware atop some open shelving. Be sure to include a fancy ceramic gravy boat in the mix.

Set the mood with plenty of fresh fruit or delicious pastries proudly displayed in a crisp and clean ceramic bowl.

* Tip: check out this perfect French Provincial kitchen utensil holder we found online at Amazon, stained in stunning seafoam green. Add some quality bamboo cooking utensils to complete the French Provincial look.

Pendant lighting

Beautiful pendant lighting is a must-have French Provincial kitchen accessory. You can adorn your kitchen with pendant lights featuring popular French Provincial elements of glass, iron, ceramic or timber.

Black and white furniture and fittings

Black or white timber furniture adorned with simple, textured cushions or throws are perfect French Provincial partners.

In French Provincial kitchens of late, we have also seen the rise in popularity of oversized, black tapware and sinks. This looks stunning with the simple-coloured base of whites and creams.

Putting a modern spin on your French Provincial kitchen

French Provincial kitchens combine old-style warmth with modern day sassiness and character. Some of the modern elements we love to see in French Provincial kitchens include:

  • cabinetry with soft-close drawers and doors
  • innovative storage solutions featuring hidden shelving, lazy Susan’s and appliance garages
  • culinary partners like warming drawers and dedicated coffee stations
  • butler’s pantries

* Tip: for some clever storage solution ideas for your French Provincial kitchen, check out 10 Decorative Kitchen Storage Ideas.

French Provincial kitchens ooze a style that is just as trendy today as it was one hundred years ago. The style is simplistic and highly adaptable and can work in kitchens of any shape and size.

Are you thinking about planning a French Provincial kitchen for your home? The team at Harrington Kitchens can help. Get us on the phone by dialling 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry or visit us at our Narellan or Bowral showrooms. With years of experience under our belts, our team have the design and storage solutions perfect for any style kitchen.

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