Smaller kitchens are generally more streamlined when it comes to efficiency. But you don’t need to skimp on kitchen decorating to make it happen. Here’s how to capitalise on kitchen decorating for limited space to maintain functionality. In this instance, less is often more.


Many people with smaller kitchens worry any kitchen decorating efforts will overpower the limited space they have available. The biggest concerns we hear about are clutter, lack of bench space and lighting. These people need worry no more!

Check out these 10 clever kitchen decorating ideas for small kitchens.


1. Clutter-free kitchen decorating

Clutter is commonly a result of not having adequate storage space, however this is not always the case. A kitchen with an abundance of storage can still fall victim to an overkill of kitchen decorating and chaos.

To keep on top of clutter give your kitchen decorating and kitchen stocks the once-over. Go through cabinets and drawers to remove anything you haven’t used for a while. Simply donate all those tools you have never taken out of the box, or try selling them on a marketplace like Gumtree to get some cash back.

Once you have cleared out that valuable space you can now store away the items that are cluttering up your bench space.


2. Not enough bench space?

If you have freed up the clutter but still find your bench is over-run with bits and bobs, try some of these savvy ideas:

  • Use wall-mounted magnetic knife storage instead of a knife block
  • Fix some butcher’s hooks onto a rod mounted on the wall to hang utensils and coffee cups
  • Create some storage for pots and pans suspended from the ceiling – hooks suspended from an old cart wheel, a timber ladder or some varnished driftwood. You can find plenty of these ideas here on Pinterest
  • Make use of a blank wall for more wall storage; perhaps a pegboard or suspended cabinetry
  • Arrange a cooktop cover that doubles as a cutting board to make ultimate use of your cooktop space

* Tip: capitalise on your pantry storage space with tips in our recent article here


3. Light and airy

Brighten up your kitchen decorating with a light shade of paint. If your cabinetry is dark, consider adding some LED strip lighting under cabinets or along the kickboards.

Other kitchen decorating lighting ideas you could try include:

  • Add some pendant lights to layer the lighting and introduce more interest into your kitchen decorating efforts
  • Replace any outdated light fixtures
  • Introduce a mirror as part of your kitchen decorating to reflect the light and open up the space


4. Functional furniture items

Maximise the space available in your kitchen with decorating ideas that can easily be stored out of the way. Following are some clever ideas.

  • Go for backless breakfast bar stools that can be tucked under cabinetry when not in use
  • Make use of roll-out tables or cutting blocks (like a butcher’s block) that can be moved around where needed
  • Design your own butcher’s block that doubles as an island bench and a breakfast table. Remember to include storage under too
  • Consider a wall-mounted breakfast nook table that drops down rather than being fixed to the floor


5. Shelving

Shelving can be an important element of kitchen decorating in any sized kitchen but is particularly helpful in smaller areas. The beauty is that shelving does not always need to be limited to walls.

Add a row of shelves under bench to house cookbooks, potted herbs or chinaware. An empty corner is ideal for a small corner shelf. You can even place a shelf between cabinets at the top of a window.

Think about where you can capitalise on shelves as part of your kitchen decorating and storage solutions.


6. Splashback

For a small kitchen decorating idea with impact look no further than the humble splashback. You can transform a subdued kitchen into a glammed-up masterpiece with a well-executed splashback design.

A splashback offers so many options and even a tiny area can make a huge difference in the overall execution of your kitchen decorating. This is one of the most important design elements and can add some real personality to your kitchen.


7. Kitchen decorating feature

If you are keeping your kitchen decorating minimal, just spice it up with a major decorative feature that offers plenty of character. An oversized wall clock or framed piece of art that coincides with the colours in your kitchen work perfectly. These items require minimal space and add maximum impact.


8. Subtle kitchen decorating

Incorporate some decorative elements by introducing colour and texture to the items you can’t do without. Textured tea towels, cushions on your bar stools or retro appliances like toasters and kettles in colours to coincide with your other kitchen decorating items.

Chinaware displayed on open shelving can also double as kitchen decorating if you select feature colours or patterns.


9. Window trimmings

A bold-coloured or patterned pull down window blind can offer additional sass to kitchen decorating efforts. Venetian blinds also come in a huge range of colours and materials, including stainless options for a sleeker finish. If you don’t require a full window covering, try adding some interest with window trimmings around the edges only.

Window frames can also be customised by colour or painted to add a point of interest. Anything is possible with a pot of paint and a brush!


10. Pendants

You can add to your kitchen decorating overhead with pendant lights that dance with colour and texture. Drum shades offer so much variety when it comes to interesting and playful patterns.

Pendants are an easily integrated kitchen decorating idea for any style of kitchen – industrial, country, classic or modern and they can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need.

Selecting interesting light fixtures makes a small kitchen feel more distinctive, elegant and interesting.


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