There are some kitchen chores that slip to the back of our minds when cleaning but are very important in sustaining your kitchen and its appliances. Sometimes the state of your kitchen can impact on the impression of your entire home. Here are some time-saving kitchen cleaning tips and techniques for your most used items and work spaces to ensure you make the most of your dream kitchen.

Sink. A great cleaning tip is to always start with the kitchen sink. Keeping your kitchen sink clean and sparkling will set the benchmark for all other areas of your kitchen, inspiring you and your family to immediately wash the dishes, load the dishwasher or clean other well used areas surrounding. Scrub the inside of your sink with baking soda to remove extra tough stains.

Microwave. You may think that the heat from the microwave will kill all bacteria, but some can still multiply. Ensure you clean up splatters straight away and try to cover your food to prevent spills. A quick way to clean a microwave is to place a handful of wet paper towels running on high for a few minutes. The steam from the paper towels will soften the grime in your microwave and leave an easy to wipe area.

Kitchen Bench Top. As your kitchen bench top is one of the most used surfaces in the kitchen, taking proper care of it will ensure it lasts longer and doesn’t stain or scratch. Ensure spills are cleaned up straight away before they penetrate your kitchen surfaces. Use a cleaning solution appropriate for your kitchen bench top material and avoid abrasive cleaners and solutions.

Dishwasher. If you heavily rely on your dishwasher to clean your dishes, it makes sense that you clean it regularly so it can perform its job. Even though it cleans dishes, it doesn’t always clean itself. Running your dishwasher while its empty, adding a little white vinegar, will get rid of any odours, grease or trapped food.

Stove. As the most splatter-prone part of your kitchen, cleaning your stove takes a bit of work. To clean your stove top, take off all grates and removable parts, washing them in hot water and dishwashing liquid. Use a cloth soaked in hot water to clean up any spills and splatters underneath the grates. Ensure you don’t forget to clean the stove knobs, handles and light switches as these are the controls you constantly touch while cooking.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers. Kitchen cabinets should be cleaned weekly in a busy kitchen, however these areas may be the last thing on your mind when cleaning. Wiping the exterior with an all-purpose cleaner will surprise you by how different your kitchen looks without fingerprints, dirt and grease.

Following these kitchen cleaning tips will make your cleaning process stress-free and ensure your kitchen and its appliances last through the ages.

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