Some kitchen design ideas are just not made to last. Others stand the test of time over and over again. For kitchen design ideas as impressive as they were day one, check out the following design inspiration from our Harrington Kitchens experts.


Kitchen design ideas are as varied as the home design itself. From giant-sized caterers’ kitchens to boutique abodes and everything in between. Whether you are rocking farmhouse country chic, Hamptons style or French Provincial glam, there are some pivotal kitchen design ideas that ensure your kitchen will never go out of style.

If you want a kitchen design that outlasts the next short-lived fad, consider incorporating some of our timeless design ideas.


#1: Neutral colours

When it comes to clever kitchen design ideas you can’t go past neutral. Although often considered ‘boring’ or subdued, neutrals are much the opposite.

A neutral colour palette stays just that – neutral. This makes it easy to change up styling with décor pieces and furnishings that introduce more colour and interest to the design.

  • Add monochrome deco pieces for a contemporary black and white look
  • Introduce colour to a white base using bright retro appliances perfect for a modern farmhouse design
  • Add timbers and stone elements for a crisp, timeless kitchen design idea


#2: Shaker cabinets

Dating back to the 1700’s, Shaker style cabinetry still features as a classic kitchen design idea today and is not going away anytime soon. This beautiful detailed cabinetry embodies first-class workmanship with a sophisticated, beachside edge. Is it a safe kitchen design idea? Our team at Harrington Kitchens seem to think so.


#3: Multi-functional island bench

Catering for households of all sizes, a multi-functional island bench is a smart kitchen design idea and almost a must-have in modern kitchen designs.

An island bench can be designed as a real workhorse to include a sink, a warming caterers’ drawer, an integrated dishwasher, rubbish area, and still have tons of storage space. Not only that, this kitchen design idea can also double as a breakfast bar area, somewhere to relax with an after-dinner night cap or entertaining family and friends.


#4: Stone benchtops

Stone benchtops are a kitchen design idea that have been around for a few decades now. And it’s no wonder. Not only do they look great, stone benchtops are highly-durable and they don’t need to be replaced anywhere near as often as timber or laminate.

Stone benchtop options include quartz, granite and marble at the higher end of the price scale. As a cheaper alternative, you can also get stone benchtop overlays which are placed on top of existing benchtops. The thickness of the stone also impacts on price, but the result and durability are usually well worth the initial outlay.


#5: Glass front cabinets

Glass cabinetry helps to open up a kitchen and offer a lighter, brighter feel. Glass cabinets are great as a kitchen design idea if you don’t need to hide away an abundance of pots, pans and dishes. If this is the case, try mixing up glass-fronted cabinets with traditional doors.


#6: Splashback kitchen design ideas

A good splashback can make or break a kitchen design. But remember, as much as they are aesthetically pleasing, a splashback also has a functional purpose. Try to avoid porous splashback surfaces that will soak up any cooking dirt and grime.

Mosaic tiling might be a good idea at the time, but the grout lines in mosaics are a harbour for oil splashes. Brickwork can make a fantastic kitchen splashback design idea too but we recommend you cover it in a sheet of glass or Perspex to protect the surface. Railway tiling also works well with this option.

Stone and glass make excellent splashback choices for their timeless appeal and ease of cleaning.


#7: Pendant lighting

A kitchen design idea that allows a lot of flexibility are pendant lights and these can make a real statement in a kitchen.

Pendant lights come in just about any material; from natural fibres like cane to metals, plastic, ceramic and glass. You can even use up-cycled materials to create your own pendant lights to match your individual style – copper tea pots, recycled tubs, steel washing machine drums, bottle lights and driftwood. We have seen many inventive and timeless kitchen design ideas achieved with DIY pendant lights.

Pendant lights are easily changed to coincide with any kitchen design idea your are introducing in your kitchen.


#8: Open shelving

Open shelving provides extra storage space, but as a kitchen design idea it can also create interest through décor. Open shelving can be as subtle as white shelves neatly stacked against a plain white wall or as decorative as a free-standing unit housing cook books and potted herbs. Either way, open shelves are a kitchen design idea that is both functional and often aesthetically pleasing.


#9: Butler’s pantry

As a kitchen design idea that is more for convenience than anything else, a butler’s pantry will never go out of style.

A butler’s pantry provides additional storage and preparation space. Highly customisable, you can also include a wine fridge, a spare sink with dishwasher, or a caterer’s bench with warming or cooling drawers under bench for those nights of entertaining the masses. Wine racks and plenty of shelving are also common additions to a butler’s pantry.

This timeless kitchen design idea is one of the team’s favourites. If you have the space available in your kitchen area be sure to include this into your plans.


#10: Lighting

Along with pendant lighting we mentioned above, it is important to have ample lighting throughout your entire kitchen. Why? Because you can’t cook up a masterpiece if you can’t see what you are doing! Good lighting is an essential kitchen design idea.

Remember to consider lighting options that meet energy efficiency building requirements. Avoiding over-sized lights and keeping general lighting simple means the fittings will never go out of style.


For more kitchen design ideas that will never go out of style – check in with a kitchen design expert from Harrington Kitchens.