Shaker style kitchens are a reflection of sophisticated craftmanship and timeless, elegant design. Unlike many trends that come and go shaker style kitchens have stood the test of time, and the test of many glossy magazine covers.

Perfectly integrated into just about any home design these unpretentious shaker kitchen designs can be dressed up or dressed down refining the desired look accordingly.

Through our highly-skilled craftsmen, Harrington Kitchens loves creating the shaker kitchen look. Whether for a modern-day mansion or a rustic cottage, there are typical elements found in every shaker style kitchen.

Typical design elements of a shaker style kitchen

Clean lines feature heavily in shaker kitchens fashioning effortless character through crisp workmanship. Shaker style kitchens embrace some pretty impressive storage solutions and minimalistic accessories.

Five stand-out features of a shaker style kitchen


#1 Character

Adding to the swiftly crafted cabinetry, detailed lines couple perfectly with retro appliances. Although side panelled cabinetry and glass are not traditional shaker style, these elements work seamlessly in modern-day shaker.


#2 Wood and timber

Furniture pieces made of real wood and panelled doors is a shaker style kitchen staple. Free-standing items allow the flexibility to change the layout around as you please. Wooden breakfast bar stools and a manoeuvrable butcher’s block are common pieces within shaker style kitchens.

Reclaimed items of furniture are perfect additions to shaker style arrangements.

The classic shaker style chair features three horizontal struts across the seat back with woven fabric padding. Often you will come across similar designs at second-hand stores. A quick sand, coat of paint, and new fabric padding will bring a new lease of life and work magic with a shaker style kitchen.


#3 Shaker colours

Shaker kitchen paint colours are laid back and refined. Common colours include cream, muted green, pale grey/blue, and sometimes even pink. Deeper blue colours and red work well as accent colours used on a single statement item.

To add more character simply combine natural finishes with painted surfaces, but keep it minimal. If adding colour to your kitchen cabinetry, keep the walls neutral. Avoid the temptation of too many textures and patterns.


#4 It’s the smaller things

Cabinet door handles and knobs were traditionally painted to blend in with shaker kitchen cabinetry colours. Modern times have allowed for more flexibility with cabinetry door knobs. People have started to experiment with elements such as satin nickel.

Shaker style kitchen benchtops that were once mainly wooden in design have transitioned to include stone, with items like granite and quartz. Stone benchtops are more hardwearing and offer a modern twist to traditional.


#5 Shelving

We already know that cabinetry is a big feature in shaker style kitchens. Shelving is almost as important. To break up the blocks of solid timber, shaker style kitchens should embrace some open shelving or cabinetry with glass-frontage. Use the opportunity to showcase your prized glassware or collector’s pieces.


Where did shaker kitchens originate?

Shaker style kitchens gained their name and origins from a religious group in the late 18th century. The shaking motions and dancing that was used in their worship granted them the shaker nickname.

This group of people were skilled craftsman who manufactured their own furniture for their self-sufficient communities. While other designers used imported woods, the Shakers preferred local timber. They finished most pieces with stain, or by painting in popular colours of blue, green, yellow and red. They added simple turned pieces of wood to their cabinetry for knobs, above more elaborate pieces.

The Shakers became known for their premium quality craftmanship, simplicity of style, and durable, functional pieces.

Fast forward to the 21st century – shaker style kitchens are still alive and well with craftsmanship that evokes its very history.

Want to get to know shaker style kitchens a little more intimately? Chat with our team at Harrington Kitchens. We are on a first-name basis with shaker style.

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