There is a perception that Butler’s kitchens are intended for use only by those that do a lot of entertaining and host plenty of dinner parties. Any good host or hostess will certainly attest that their Butler’s kitchen is a must-have space for their social gatherings, and with good reason, but is that all that they are good for?

The Butler’s kitchen is becoming more and more common in households around the country, and the world. So is there a corresponding increase in dinner parties? Or perhaps the guidelines for what comprises a Butler’s kitchen are not as rigid as we thought and the area can actually be used for a wide range of purposes.

The Butler’s kitchen, as most of us know it, is designed as a space that is connected to or adjoins the kitchen and dining areas of a home. Traditionally, it serves as a food staging and preparation area, as well as extra storage and somewhere out of sight to collect and manage piles of dirty dishes and drink ware as the night progresses. But because of its location, it can also serve many other kitchen or food and drink related functions.

And there is no rule book on what the size of a Butler’s kitchen should be either. If you have the luxury of space and want to dedicate a whole room to your Butler’s kitchen, then go for it. But there is no reason why you can’t cleverly convert the hallway near your kitchen or dining room or even some cupboard space within one of those rooms into a stylish, yet functional and couldn’t-do-without space.

So what are some alternatives for the Butler’s kitchen space?


Coffee and Tea Station

Perhaps you relish a good cuppa first thing in the morning, or multiple times a day! Why not create a dedicated coffee and tea station in your Butler’s kitchen space. You can house your prized coffee machine or your antique China tea cups all in a convenient and easy to access location.


Self-Serve Drinks and Snack Bar

Or maybe a martini or a full-bodied shiraz and a cheese platter is more to your liking. Set-up a space that makes it easy for you or your guests to quench their thirst with a beverage of choice and having some snacks readily available as you make your way to lounge to take in a movie would never go astray either.


Something for the Kids

Butler’s kitchens aren’t just for the grown-ups. Perhaps you have a budding chef on your hands and you want to give them their own space to get creative in. Or maybe it is something practical like a designated area for the kids to keep their drinks and snacks. Use a small fridge and low shelves so that they can access independently. This can also helps to reduce foot traffic in the main kitchen.


…..and the Furry Kids Too

Maybe you need a space to store all the necessary items for the special four-legged members of your house. Setting aside a Butler’s kitchen for bowls, food, toys and medication could be just what you need.  You could even set-up a comfy sleep space in there too.


In whatever shape, size or location you decide, a well-chosen Butler’s kitchen can definitely add value and ease to your individual and unique lifestyle. For advice about creating or optimising a Butler’s kitchen in your home, contact our team.