If you were to ask anyone that has a kitchen, or is about to become the proud owner of one, whether given the chance, they would like to have “the ultimate kitchen pantry”. The overwhelming majority would undoubtedly reply “yes”! So the next question would be “ok, so what does your “ultimate kitchen pantry” look like?” And then the pondering begins….

A kitchen pantry is one of the most important features in any kitchen. So designing and installing the ultimate kitchen pantry definitely demands a significant amount of consideration and attention.

What defines an “ultimate kitchen pantry”?
The interesting thing is that if you think about it, the term “ultimate kitchen pantry” is actually likely to conjure vastly different images depending on the person that is doing the dreaming and the space that they have to work with.

Some have visions of a butler’s pantry as big as, or even bigger than, the main kitchen area itself. At the other end of the spectrum, others long for a more minimalist and efficient approach to their storage solutions. It’s not uncommon to have dreams of multiple ultimate kitchen pantries either; one for the house that you are in now, and one for your ultimate dream house that may, or may not, ever become reality.

Size doesn’t matter
At the end of the day, it is important to point out that it is certainly not necessarily the size of a pantry that determines it status as “ultimate”, nor is it a cutting edge design or the latest materials and technology. The common thread through all great pantries is quite simply their fit-for-purpose and ease-of-use when it comes to ultimate efficiency in your kitchen.

As there are a lot of variables, this means that there is not necessarily a recipe or guidebook for determining what the ultimate kitchen pantry is and how you can get one. We have put together some professional hints and tips for creating your ultimate kitchen pantry, no matters it’s size.

Use the space wisely
There is no point in having a large, oversized kitchen pantry that doesn’t make smart use of the space. It’s simply a waste. You could have had a larger kitchen space instead, or fitted a lot more in there.

Ok, so how exactly do I use the space wisely?
The strongest recommendation that we can make is that as much as possible you should install large sliding drawers in your kitchen pantry as opposed to shelves. Drawers not only allow you to make great use of the space but they are also most efficient for accessing all those things that would ordinarily be hidden way up the back on a shelf.

If not drawers, then what?
If drawers are not an option in your kitchen pantry for some reason, you might opt for a shallower shelf depth to make it easier to store, locate and access your pantry items.

For shelves of any size, keep things as organised and as readily accessible as possible with the use of handy pieces such as baskets, risers or storage steps or even a lazy susan.

Leave no space untouched
In choosing to go with a shallower shelf this may allow room for the inside of the kitchen pantry doors to be used. You could add extra storage spaces here for smaller items such as spices and condiments or make use of the blank space by adding a noticeboard for your to-do list, menu inspiration/planner or some happy snaps to lift your mood as you stare blankly into the kitchen pantry waiting for something to jump out at you and onto your plate.

Keep it clean (and tidy)
Once you have done what you can to maximise the space in your kitchen pantry, then it’s time to organise that space. Using uniform or co-ordinated and labelled containers, jars or canisters for everything from cereals to pasta to baking ingredients is a great way to tidy up and organise your pantry items for quick and easy storage and identification. No more half-opened bags of pasta or multiple bags of different flours floating around. Then not only will it look more organised and be more efficient, but it will often keep your products fresher for longer too. Win, win!

Not just for food
Often kitchen pantries are not just used for storing food. You might choose to store small appliances, wine or tableware in your kitchen pantry too and so this will influence how you need to design and use the space as well.

On display or behind closed doors?
Consider which of your kitchen items you want out in plain sight for all to see and which are best kept hidden away. Do you have some prized fine china or great décor pieces that compliment your kitchen style? Or some chic and stylish canisters for storing your pantry items that are worthy of being out in the open? In that case you could consider including some open shelving as part of your kitchen pantry design.

Think outside the cupboard
Keep in mind that as well as the internal structure of a pantry – drawers, shelves, baskets, containers and the like – there are in fact many types of kitchen pantries. The most commonly thought of kitchen pantry types tend to be a cupboard that is built-in to integrate with or compliment the rest of the kitchen cabinetry, and the butler’s pantry. But there are other options too that might just work better in your kitchen. You might consider a recessed kitchen pantry if you don’t want to encroach on the existing, possibly quite limited space available in the kitchen. Pull-out kitchen pantries are a great way to make use of narrow deep spaces and have all your essential items close at hand. And walk-in pantries provide a great middle-ground fusion between a built-in or integrated kitchen pantry and a butler’s pantry, the best of both worlds.

When planning your ultimate kitchen pantry, as you navigate through the various choices, and whichever options you choose to go with, be sure to keep efficiency and ease of use at the forefront of your mind, as that is primarily the function that a kitchen pantry is intended to serve.

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