Trending from homes of the rich and the famous in New York, Hamptons kitchens are casual yet refined. Simple yet with plenty of coastal character. And it is because of this, that Australians have fallen in love with Hamptons kitchens too.

The good news is that you don’t need to be in the ranks of the ‘rich and the famous’ in order to achieve the Hamptons style in your home. In fact, a gorgeous Hamptons kitchen can be achieved on budgets both big and small. We’ve got eight essential styling tips to help you capture the essence of a Hamptons kitchen in your home.

Styling tips for a modern Hamptons kitchen

To achieve a successful Hamptons kitchen design, you first need to roll in a bit of comfort, sink in some style and most importantly, worship functionality. A Hamptons kitchen needs to be embraced for being as much of an entertaining kitchen as it is a place for a family to live comfortably everyday and prepare their meals.

Reflecting their coastal-based origins, Hamptons kitchens combine natural elements with luxe materials and trimmings. Toning is fresh and simple, finished with pops of colour in items such as kitchen décor and appliances.

Hamptons kitchens offer a refined sense of sophistication and coastal charm. Airy spaces filled with plenty of modern chic.

Main features of a Hamptons kitchen

We have listed below some of the most common and important design features of a Hamptons kitchen:

  • open, airy spaces reflecting plenty of natural light
  • high quality, designer kitchen cabinetry and trimmings
  • natural materials such as stone, granite and wood
  • impressive, focal lighting
  • exposed architecture such as beams, timber detailing and high-pitched ceilings


#1 Hamptons kitchen cabinetry

Classic kitchen cabinetry is an essential feature in a Hamptons kitchen. Be sure to include Shaker-style cabinets finished with beautiful handles. If you want to mix it up a little, add in a couple of glass-front cabinet doors to replace the timber styles. Open shelving is also a welcomed Hamptons kitchen design element.

#2 Open spaces and oversized features

Hamptons kitchens are generally spacious and carefully planned to be home chef-ready. Generous bench space, an abundance of cabinetry and a farmhouse sink with impressively-sized tapware that you could almost shower under are common features.

Creating a light, airy space that welcomes natural light is a must. A few ideas to achieve this include:

  • bi-fold doors that open to an alfresco entertaining area
  • a ceiling-based skylight
  • windows left un-trimmed to welcome the light and allow as much in as possible

Exposed timber beams and panelled timber wall features are beautiful compliments to the Hamptons kitchen style. Large, striking but understated, and embracing their natural state.

#3 Island bench

An island bench is the perfect addition to a Hamptons kitchen and is almost a necessary item for entertaining. If you don’t have the space available to include an island as a permanent fixture, consider incorporating a butcher’s block to double as the island and a side table as required.

You could use the space under the island or block to style your Hamptons kitchen with cook books and pieces of coloured ceramic dinnerware and serveware.

#4 Natural elements

Hamptons kitchens embrace nature’s finest. Timber, stone and glass are top styling elements to be found in beautiful Hamptons kitchens.

  • beautifully carved, Shaker-style cabinetry crafted from quality timber
  • stone benchtops such as granite or marble
  • timber to feature on stairs, flooring and items of furniture (painted white or left natural – upcycled styling is perfect for Hamptons kitchens and easy on the budget)
  • glass on cabinet fronts and doors


#5 Texture

To coincide with a predominately white base, texture is the perfect counterpart in a Hamptons kitchen. Add texture to feature on items such as cushions on furniture, a floor mat, linen, and wall-hung picture frames. Some popular materials to use are:

  • linen
  • hessian
  • burlap


#6 Colour

The colour palette of a Hamptons kitchen should be based primarily on neutrals such as white, beige and ivory. Accented colour can be added to benchtop appliances such as toasters and kettles, and included throughout kitchen décor. Duck egg blue is a popular accented colour choice for Hamptons kitchens, as is seafoam green.

#7 Feature lighting

You can’t have a Hamptons kitchen without feature pendant lights. Oversized lanterns crafted from natural timber and glass work perfect.

#8 The breakfast bar

As an entertainer, a Hamptons kitchen must include a breakfast bar area. Couple the space with bar stools made of timber. Add a textured seat pad or upholstered seat to complete the look.

Hamptons kitchen styling – the wrap

To achieve a stunning Hamptons kitchen design in your home, think sophisticated coastal meets relaxed convenience and modern chic. If you are fond of simple elegance and open spaces that vibe some serious coastal charm, then a Hamptons kitchen is an ideal choice for your home. The best thing is that you don’t have to have a beach-side home to enjoy the very best of beach-side style.

The team of kitchen designers at Harrington Kitchens have a wealth of experience designing kitchens of various styles, including the Hamptons kitchen. In fact, Hamptons kitchens continue to be our most popular and most-requested kitchen style. Contact our team on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry or visit us at our Narellan or Bowral showrooms to discuss how we can make your dream Hamptons kitchen a reality.