Is black really the new white? Should you mix marble with wood and country with chic? See which kitchen trends are making it big this year.

Through the influence of amazing designers and talented up-and-coming stars, kitchen trends and design aesthetics are ever evolving.

There are some kitchen trends that stand the test of time. Others can be put down to more of a ‘transitioning phase’. But one thing for sure – we are in the middle of some pretty impressive kitchen trends in 2018.

Straight from Milan and expensive magazine spreads to our own humble abodes. Our team at Harrington Kitchens present you with the following list of kitchen trends making an impact this year.


Marble is still topping the popularity stakes and is a design element of choice in this year’s kitchen trends. However, unlike the chunky-style previously favoured, the marble trending this year is more refined and cut back.

This trim and terrific thin profiled marble is being manipulated into an often shark-nose profile that seemingly floats over kitchen cabinetry. And we have seen finishes where the bench is even sunk into the cabinetry concealing the edges completely.

Embrace the space

Concealing storage is no longer a necessity within kitchen trends this year. Instead, storage requirements are working in the opposite direction. Freestanding cabinets with glass frontage. Open shelving which shows off retro-styled crockery, appliances, and cook books.

On the contrary, larger appliances like fridges and dishwashers are becoming increasingly obscured. Kitchen designers are opting for integrated appliances to tuck behind cabinetry doors. Cooktops are concealed into cabinetry too, with only the gas element and knobs on show atop the bench.

By concealing these items, the kitchen is paraded as more of a designer room instead of one of the hardest working areas of the house.

Matte finishes

Matte is becoming more of a popular kitchen trend choice. Matte textures help to create an organic, natural feel, and ooze some real warmth within the kitchen. Matte is popular on cabinetry and tapware, as well as on stone and wooden elements used throughout the kitchen.

Tiled splashbacks

Surging in popularity, large-format tiled splashbacks are a kitchen trend now back in fashion, taking over from the usually-popular glass.

The larger tiles can work magic partnered with a dark grout for a dramatic look. And, a splashback of this fashion is a great way to introduce some real texture and colour to a generally neutral space.

Trending kitchen colours

White on white it out. This year’s kitchen trend features a warmer colour palette. Earthy tones and greys are filtering through amongst mid-tone timbers like spotted gum and walnut. Light and dark contrasting has come out to play.

Black is back

Black is a huge trend in kitchens this year. The colour can be described as contemporary and sophisticated, yet a little bit risky. It all depends on how well it is executed.

Black is being used in metal, painted wood and stone, and even in the kitchen tapware and sink. Soften the look with some greenery like a simple ceramic potted plant or herbs on the windowsill.

Kitchen trends in 2018 have given rise to less minimalization and more eclectic designing.

Not just a place to prepare the meals anymore, the kitchen has become a true extension of a homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.

Discuss the kitchen trend ideas perfect for your home – get trending with our Harrington Kitchens experts.