Entertaining over the holiday period can be fun but may also get a little bit hectic. We have a few tips to easily entertain and make your kitchen feel accommodating to guests.

Incorporate a dinning area

Rather than separate dining room and kitchen combine the two by adding a kitchen island. It is a great addition to any kitchen for increased workspace, house additional appliances or necessities such as a sink, more storage and is effective for easily creating a relaxed space for gatherings. If you entertain regularly we suggest incorporating a wine rack into your island for easy access and a unique feature to your kitchen. Host a soiree and set up your island as a bar where snacks and wine is provided to chat around the kitchen while the main meal is being prepared.

Invest in Appliances

If you love to entertain we suggest to purchase one multi tasking appliance to do the work of multiple appliances to save you time packing, unpacking and opens up more storage space for your silverware. One well-used appliance saves you from constantly packing it away as you will use the appliance for multiple tasks for daily cooking. Such loved items include steam ovens and the thermomix.

Bring in the Light

As it begins to get warmer the sun is out for longer thus making natural light essential within the kitchen to easily brighten the space. Add a large window into your kitchen for more light to shine in through the day and a cool breeze to blow through the evening. Skylights are a popular option to bring in natural light and not only benefit the environment by reducing energy consumption but also help our health by providing vitamin D. Another option is to install a mirrored splashback to reflect light coming into the kitchen from windows and opens up the kitchen to create a spacious feeling kitchen.


Spread the scent of summer by adding flowers and greenery into your kitchen. For practical use add a small herb garden by your windowsill to easily add a bit of taste to your meals and fill your home with beautiful fresh scents when the breeze blows in. For décor purposes add a tray to your bench top with some flowers, a small bowl for storage and a trinket such as a shell to make the kitchen inviting for guests. Additionally, use the tray to serve guests with appetisers and add flowers in the centre to spread fresh scents or simply arrange flowers on your dining table to bring the outdoors in.


As an entertainer, creating ambience for guests is important for everyone to enjoy himself or herself. Over the holiday period we suggest adding small touches of holiday cheer throughout your table setting with a table runner or candles. Add mood music to suit your guests, including Christmas music, top hits or classic songs to reminisce.

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