Country kitchens are back with a vengeance and now modern country kitchens are more hip than ever before.

Modern day country kitchen styling can be defined as a muddle of vintage with the simplicity of contemporary finishes. These kitchen designs are clean and organised, functional and appealing. Modern country kitchens feature on the cover of glossy magazines and are sought after in many homes.

If you have an original country kitchen that can do with a facelift, a makeover, or just a little pamper session, we have some easy tips on how to transform your country kitchen from the past into a beauty of the modern world. Read on for our inspirational modern country kitchen transformation ideas that any novice can master.

Here is how to do it – out with the old and in with a new modern country kitchen!

Modern country kitchens are enchanted with their elements of the past. These kitchens already have plenty of character which means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – just steer the wagon in a new direction. Redecorating and reviving an interior is all about recognising where to focus your attention to create a contemporary country kitchen.

Contemporary country kitchen designs stay true to their roots and feature much of what history left behind. Beautifully crafted cabinetry, glass features, hand painted and distressed furniture pieces. These items make for a seamless transition to modern-day décor.


Texture can present immediate visual interest in a modern country kitchen. You can make use of different materials and varying colours to create an impact. Some examples of how you can use texture to create a visual masterpiece in a modern country kitchen include:

  • Dark stainless steel appliances can be counterbalanced with light-coloured or bright cabinetry.
  • Timber chopping blocks incorporated to add texture on top of stone benches.
  • A butcher’s block made from repurposed stained wood placed amongst painted timber cabinetry.
  • Recycled timber fruit crates repurposed to take the place of painted cabinetry draws – just perfect to house fresh vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins and onions. Paint the front with wording to add some more modern country kitchen
  • Introduce some soft materials and linens for items like curtains, cushions, placemats and table runners.


Most country kitchens feature shelving of some form. Make use out of existing shelving by re-painting if necessary and perhaps relocating it. Shelving can be used to display modern country kitchen décor like fresh herbs in recycled mason jars, fresh blooms sprouting in ceramic pots, and even labelled cannisters with food items like pasta, flour and rice.

Door knobs

Cabinetry door knobs are one of the simplest items to change in a renovation. You can find plenty of options for door knobs to update your modern country kitchen, or simply make your own from some repurposed materials. Wine corks, river stones, cutlery that can also be twisted into shapes, and various types of rope, all make interesting cabinetry door knobs in modern country kitchens.

Cabinet doors

As a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire cabinetry, you can change over the cabinet doors. Profiled door designs are both traditional and very popular with contemporary country kitchen styling. Open and glass-faced cabinetry is also big on the modern country kitchen list. You don’t need to remove all of your cabinet doors either. Modern country kitchen design allows flexibility to use both glass-faced and wooden-faced cabinet doors. A mixture of both is generally a welcomed finish for this style.

Having trouble deciding on what modern country kitchen cabinet doors will work the best? Check out how we can help with your designs here.

Big is often best

In a modern country kitchen big is usually best and in this instance, we refer to the size of the appliances. Large ovens and cookware, over-sized range hoods, chunky marble or stone bench tops, and the inclusion of some bold butcher’s blocks. The bigger and showier the better in a modern country kitchen.

Traditional country kitchens housed many hours of old-fashioned cooking and preparation. Making use of these traditions is what country kitchen styling is all about. If you have a bread maker, put it on show. If you keep your thermomixer in the cupboard, find a shelf to sit it on instead.

Modern country kitchen styling pays tribute to the history of farmland houses. The hours of hard work our ancestors put in working on the land and the many days and nights spent preparing and cooking the food in the quaint country kitchens.

Modern country kitchen styling is a simple mix of relics and collectables with contemporary conveniences, clean lines and eye-catching focal pieces. You don’t need to spend all of your heard earnt to nail the look. Just plan out some clever design ideas to make the most impact and return on investment, before you get started.

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