When you have more bits and bobs than your small kitchen can handle, these kitchen storage tricks will help save space and any pulling of hair!

If it is going to make life easier, we are all prone to a new tool of the month or two. From dicing and slicing to opening cans, sharpening knives and cooking up a storm. People love a kitchen tool that can help transform us from Apprentice to Master Chef at the flick of the wrist. The only problem, we don’t usually have the kitchen storage that a Master Chef has to accommodate his impressive tools of the trade.


So, without compromising on convenience, it comes down to knowing a few kitchen storage tricks.


The following ingeniously savvy, budget-friendly ideas are designed to make the most out of any kitchen storage – regardless of size.


Mason jars


There are so many uses for the humble mason jar, and knowing what I know now, I will never ditch an old pasta jar again. These highly-functional vessels offer some great kitchen storage solutions. Here are some ways to make use of out them.


#1 Utensil holder


Find a chunky piece of timber that takes your fancy. Trim it to size, sand it back, give it a lacquer and it becomes the perfect backing for kitchen utensil storage. Simply attach a few hose clamps to the timber using screws then attach your recycled mason jars.


You can hang this kitchen storage masterpiece on the wall as a perfect home for cooking utensils or cutlery. This saves some draw clutter and promotes more space for larger items.


#2 Mason jar herb pot


Tapping into the same idea as above, you might also like to use this kitchen storage solution to grow a jar full of fresh herbs aside your utensil holders too. There is nothing wrong with a bit of multi-tasking.


#3 Dry ingredient kitchen storage


Looking just as attractive as they are functional, mason jars can act as an external pantry for your dry goods. Decorate the jars as you please (natural twine and chalk labels look great), then simply fill them with pasta, rice, flour, breadcrumbs, lentils and soup mixes, then stack them up. A bookshelf on a blank wall in the kitchen, or some other open shelving system, partner perfectly with this kitchen storage trick.


#4 Kitchen storage nook


Do you have a corner in your kitchen which could be made more functional? Transform this under-used space into a kitchen storage hub. By incorporating a small buffet table with a drawer and a hanging peg board to the wall, you can store items like small frypans, strainers, utensils, knives and other tools in an area that was previously just a waste of space.


#5 Butcher’s block


The butcher’s block has featured in a few of our Harrington Kitchens articles, simply because they are so functional. As a kitchen storage space saver, you can store a variety of items under the chopping surface. Whether exposed shelving or not, the butcher’s block can be used to home your collection of wines, spices, dry cooking ingredients, or recipe books.


#6 Appliance garage


Ever noticed the build up of kettles, toasters, sandwich presses and coffee machines atop kitchen benches? Generally, these appliances are only used once a day (if that) and not only make a bench look cluttered, they also take up much-needed bench space.


Instead of stealing space in the middle of the bench, tuck them into an appliance garage under some overhead cabinetry. Just add a sliding cabinet door to the mix so they can be neatly stored away when not in use.


#7 Magnetic spice rack


Instead of stacking your spices in the pantry or a cupboard, create some vertical kitchen storage for them. Add a magnetic dot the underside of some mini mason jars, mount a plate of magnetic sheet metal to a wall to make your own vertical spice rack. Just add labels to the jar lids so you can easily identify the spices.


#8 Rolling fruit and veggie cart


Fruits and veggies don’t need to take up important bench or cupboard space, just store them in their own cart instead. A small cart on wheels with some canvas baskets makes a great kitchen storage solution for little pieces of fresh goodness.


#9 Hanging wire baskets


If floor space is limited you can hang your fruit and veggies instead. The old-fashioned three-tier hanging basket system, which you would usually find in grandma’s garden, is a great kitchen storage idea. For low-set ceilings, just suspend it from above. Or, if your kitchen has high ceilings use a shelf rack and hang the basket system protruding from a wall or the side of a cabinet.


#10 Pantry rack


Pantry space does not need to be limited to its shelves. Use the back of your pantry door to hang a shelving system too. This area is great for storing smaller items like clingwrap, sandwich bags, baking paper, and alfoil. Get them out of a draw and onto the back of the door!


The kitchen is abundant of hidden storage solutions. The only limitation is how far you go to embrace it. Take these ten kitchen storage hacks on board, and you too can be on your way to have kitchen storage fit for a Master Chef.


Is your kitchen begging for some professional kitchen storage help? Get our team at Harrington Kitchens do a storage once-over for you. Check in with our team here.