It can be tempting to select your kitchen benchtop on looks alone, but you also have to consider durability, maintenance and cost. You need to find a material that meets your expectations in all of these departments.

The first thing you need to do is assess the way you live and the way in which you use your kitchen benchtops. If you have children who are often spilling things on the surface, you will want to cross marble off straight away. If you want something low maintenance, you won’t want to go with timber. If you are set on a certain look, but the material doesn’t suit your lifestyle, don’t worry, because you are likely to be able to find a different material with a similar look, there are plenty of options.
Granite benchtops are a popular choice. They are available in a variety of shades from black to white, green, coral and beiges. Granite can be expensive, but if you select a type that is relatively easy to get, it may reduce costs. Every type of stone bench top needs to be sealed periodically, and some are softer than others which mean they can’t stand us much wear and tear.
Engineered Quartz benchtops are another popular choice and often get selected over granite. While granite comes straight from the earth, quartz counter tops contain quartz mixed with resin. These benchtops also come in a variety of colours and patterns. Quartz is often favored over granite because it is durable, less maintenance and is flexible which makes it easy to install.
Concrete is a modern choice in benchtops at the moment. Concrete can have several different finishes, such as smooth, ground, or pressed. Concrete can be integrated with other materials such as glass which can completely transform the look or colour of the benchtop.
Once you have chosen your material you then have to decide on the edge you want on your benchtop. You can either have a square or rounded edge. If you want your bench top to continue down to the floor, you can have a waterfall edge.
Whatever bench top you choose, our professional designers can help you decide on all aspects of your kitchen.

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