Country kitchens are renowned for their historical charm and homely feel. No longer defined as junk-filled havens, country kitchens have come a long way in functionality and design.

The focus of modern country kitchen design is rustic simplicity. Detailed cabinetry, handcrafted elements, and personalised décor create an infusion of character often seen throughout contemporary country kitchens in million-dollar homes.

Millionaire or not, here is how to achieve the country kitchen look on a cowboy boot shoestring.

Country kitchen theme

To successfully master the look, it is important to embrace the heritage of country kitchens. Gaining their origins from the hardworking farmhouse families who grew their own crops and raised their own livestock country kitchen styling should pay tribute to these roots.

Prominent design features of a country kitchen include profiled doors, glass cabinetry, hand-painted or distressed timber, tiled splashbacks, and plenty of natural elements.

Open shelving

Open shelving is a country kitchen must-have. If space is limited you can achieve open shelving by using open shelves or glass cupboard doors. Alternatively, get the look by changing over some cabinet doors with glass-faced cabinetry that will expose the shelving behind.

Need some cabinet doors to suit? Let our team source what you are looking for here.

Display the goods

Once you have your country kitchen shelving arranged you can display your items. Open shelving is great to showcase your stock of plates and personal collections as well as displaying some extra country kitchen charm.

  • Small pots of fresh herbs brimming
  • Labelled cannisters of food stocks like flour and wheat
  • Cooking utensils set up in old cookie tins and food containers – you can often find these containers and tins in thrift shops

Country kitchen jars

To deliver some extra country kitchen character decanter pantry staples into pre-loved mason jars. Simply add a chalkboard label to the front of the jar, add some twine, or dress them up however you please. Food items that work well displayed in mason jars include:

  • brown and white rice
  • dried beans
  • soup mixes
  • different types of pasta
  • homemade breadcrumbs
  • tea and coffee

Fruit and vegetable display

Wooden bowls are another item readily found in thrift shops. Fresh fruit or starchy vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated marry the country kitchen theme when displayed in a wooden bowl. Simply place the bowl on an open shelf or on the kitchen benchtop.

Introduce a dining nook

As a place to sit and celebrate the day’s crop and hard work, a dining nook is a perfect addition to a country-styled kitchen. An un-used area, a small table and chairs, and some linen is all that is required to set up a dining nook.

  1. Choose a small table – check online auction sites if you don’t have any luck at a thrift shop.
  2. Dress it up with some floor-length table linen
  3. Add some chairs – if the chairs don’t colour match give them a new coat of paint. Don’t worry if they are not matching designs as it adds more uniqueness to your country kitchen
  4. Coordinate your cushions and you are done!

If you have a tricky space that won’t suit a regular table and chairs, talk to our team at Harrington Kitchens to have an area custom-built for you.

Food prep haven

If you are lacking bench space, a butcher’s block looks great in a country kitchen. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for one in the retail stores, it is quite easy to re-purpose any legged table or bench with a little bit of DIY.


Wallpaper never goes astray in a country kitchen and does not only need to be fixed to the walls. You can use wallpaper to decorate trinkets like canisters and DIY furniture pieces too.

Country fabrics

By adding some inexpensive fabric, you can transform your kitchen to country-style in no time. Think about the places to use some soft country linens like florals or striped patterns:

  • table runners
  • placemats
  • curtains and window trims
  • cushions
  • tea towels
  • oven gloves and mitts

Follow these basics to achieve a modern and personalised country-styled kitchen on a budget.

If you want a masterfully planned country-styled kitchen, talk to our Harrington Kitchen team to plan a kitchen to fit within your budget. With our experts on your side you will be boot scooting to country charm in a heartbeat.