Here is all you need to know if you are contemplating a hand painted kitchen makeover.

Hand painting kitchen cabinets seems to be an appealing way to spruce up your kitchen and give it a fresh look. But is it the easiest way to go about a kitchen makeover? In this article we will weigh up the pros and cons of a hand painted kitchen makeover.

Hand painted kitchens vs new materials

When deciding whether or not to refresh an old kitchen or start anew, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here we take in the most common decision-making terms for hand painted kitchens.

Team Yes

When your heart says yes and your head is trying to agree, consider these:

#1 Cost

Hand painting kitchen cabinets is generally less costly than buying new kitchen cabinets. If you plan your kitchen painting task ahead of time, you can often get lucky with the price of paint as well. Purchase paint when it is on sale or shop around to find the best price.

Unless you strike up a good deal or find a kitchen supplier willing to work within your budget, installing new kitchen cabinetry can get costly. New kitchen cabinets can suck up almost half of your renovation budget. By hand painting your kitchen cabinets, you can save dollars to spend on some nice-to-haves like new appliances.

#2 Freshen up

Hand painting kitchen features such as cabinetry will give your kitchen a fresh look. When the paint is applied correctly, hand painted kitchens can look just as good as their brand-new counterparts. The experienced team at Highlands Hand Painting can breath new life into your kitchen. Contact them here.

#3 Convenience

The only really hard decision you need to make if hand painting your kitchen cabinets is the colour. No messy trade dust throughout your house and no noisy tradesmen tools to deal with. What is even better, you can tackle the hand painting of your kitchen by yourself – no need to pay the cost of a tradie to do it! You can also work to your own timeframe.

Team No

When your heart says maybe but your head tells you not to do it, consider these:

#1 Suitability

Sometimes kitchen cabinetry is beyond any TLC you can conjure up with hand painting your kitchen. If your cabinets have seen better days, then painting your kitchen cabinetry is not going to give the result that you desire. Warped, cracked, chipped, or cabinets showing physical wear and tear, are better off being replaced.

Consider what shape your cabinetry is in before making the decision on whether to hand paint your kitchen.

#2 Time

To get a good finish, hand painting kitchens does take time. The process involves:

  • removal of the drawers, cupboard doors and hinges
  • cleaning all surfaces to remove grease, grime and stains that could impact the paint application
  • sanding back the original paint surface
  • labelling your cabinetry so you know where to put in back once you are done hand painting the kitchen
  • priming the surface for hand painting your cabinets
  • applying the paint (generally, multiple coats are required)
  • allowing the paint time to dry between coats and after the final coat is applied
  • putting the hinges back on and the cabinetry back into place when you are done

Hand painting kitchens can take a novice painter days to get right and failure to prepare properly can result in below standard results.

#3 Tools needed

Using a paint brush can leave brush marks behind on your hand painted cabinetry. For a professional look you might need to hire a painting spray gun. Bear in mind that spray guns can be tricky tools to master and will add to the cost of your hand painted kitchen makeover.

Painting a kitchen can be a rewarding yet challenging task, however you should not take the complexity lightly. Consider all of the pros and cons before going anywhere near a paint shop. Is painting your kitchen really the right choice for your scenario?

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