If you are looking to build or renovate a new kitchen in Sydney check out our go-to guide, covering off some of the important things to consider.

For a renovated or brand-new kitchen in Sydney, our team of kitchen design gurus have pulled together a list of things to take into account when deciding what to build and who you should engage to work on your new design. This guide will help make your decision process a little more streamlined by highlighting some of the key points to focus on, some that you may not have even thought about.

Location, location!

You have likely heard it in the real estate game when buying or selling property, and when referring to a new kitchen in Sydney, location is certainly something that should be considered too. In this instance however, it is the location of suppliers and manufacturers that we speak of.

There are several benefits of selecting locally based experts for new kitchens in Sydney, or those local to you wherever you might be. Firstly, when you work with a local business, you generally employ their local knowledge and their relationships with other local suppliers and manufacturers. Whilst doing so, you can unearth a healthy knowledge bank of trends in your area; what is hot, what is not, and what has been working really well for homeowners and investors when it comes to new kitchens in Sydney.

Another really great benefit of working with locally based companies is the turnaround time of building or renovating your new kitchen in Sydney.

While demand might dictate that there is still a wait to get your dream kitchen manufactured and installed, locally based companies and manufacturers can work on your project much closer to home, rather than heading off-shore or interstate. This often provides assurance with less shipping hold-ups, especially for bespoke kitchen designs. And if something doesn’t quite go to plan (e.g., a part is made to the wrong measurement, a flaw in the colour, etc), or you change your mind mid-design, it is much easier to get a replacement or tinker with the rest of the design, when your supplier and manufacturer are local.

* Tip: an important note to remember – regardless of location, all manufacturing typically requires some type of lead time, especially with personalised or bespoke kitchen designs. Make sure to ask your kitchen designer and manufacturer about lead times prior to starting any project so that you have a clear expectation of the timeframe.

Often, local manufacturers can also be relied upon to uphold a higher level of quality in their products and workmanship as well as a commitment to providing a superior customer service experience.

Check Point #1 – A great kitchen project is about much more that cost alone. Some kitchen designers may provide a quote that looks good on paper, but it is also important to consider other factors that can affect the project outcome and your overall experience. Factors such as quality workmanship, knowledge and expertise of the team, stock availability and production lead times, ease of communication, commitment to customer service, and flexibility are key components you should look for when working with a locally based designer and manufacturer for your new kitchen in Sydney . 

See It, Believe It – in New Kitchen Showrooms

If you are the kind of person who likes to see things in the flesh before making a decision, you will no doubt find comfort in working with a local kitchen designer who makes this possible for you.

Harrington Kitchens has two showrooms showcasing new kitchens in Sydney, at Narellan and Bowral. We welcome customers to our showrooms to view our range of kitchens and products on display and understand our manufacturing process for themselves.

As part of our kitchen project and design process, we dedicate time with each of our clients to ensure that we understand your design preferences, lifestyle factors and needs for your new kitchen and then combine that with our experience and knowledge to suggest the best options for your home and space. We take very seriously our mission to deliver the best new kitchen for your home, regardless of the shape or the size.

Check Point #2 – If you want to see kitchen products firsthand, or better understand a manufacturing process, before committing to a project, make sure you work with a local designer who can accommodate this and will take the time to understand your needs.

Quality Assured

When building a new kitchen in Sydney, be sure to check that your designer can back their product quality and workmanship with a guarantee. As part of our service, we offer exceptional after sales support and a full guarantee on our workmanship. Not every kitchen company will offer that, so make sure you know what is, or isn’t, on offer.

* Tip: you can view our workmanship guarantee here.

Check Point #3 – Be sure to investigate the guarantees and quality assurance of products and workmanship for your new kitchen in Sydney. Does your designer have the appropriate licenses and insurance too?

The Real Cost of a New Kitchen in Sydney

Money is not the only factor that you should consider when thinking about the actual “cost” of a new kitchen in Sydney.  However, to help start a budget, some of the actual things to factor in include:

  • Size of the area – are you planning on filling the entire space with cupboards, bench and storage or is there a percentage of area that won’t be filled with anything (especially in larger areas)?
  • Materials – if you are you looking for benchtop materials like marble or quartz, you will need a bigger budget than if you were using reconstituted (man-made) materials like Smartstone, or melamine doors versus polyurethane for example.
  • Services – if you are renovating, keeping the location of some plumbing and electrical outlets will help cut costs instead of relocating them.
  • Extras – appliances can take a massive chunk out of any budget. Make a list of which appliances you ‘need, want, and are nice-to-have’ to help cull costs if needed.

* Tip: read more about ‘choosing a finish for your kitchen cabinets’ and ‘natural stone options for modern kitchens

Finally, working with professional, guarantee-backed new kitchen designers and experts in Sydney can help save money in the long run. You can avoid unexpected mishaps or inferior quality products if you have a team, like Harrington Kitchens, working with you all the way.

Check Point #4 Plan a proper budget. Use ‘need, want and nice-to-have’ as a helpful guide and remember to consider the long-term costs and benefits as well as the initial outlay.

* Tip: learn more about creating a new kitchen in Sydney wish list in our ‘expert guide to a successful kitchen renovation – before, during and after’.

Avoid the hassle of managing multiple suppliers or lengthy overseas delays. From creating a stunning kitchen design, plan and timeline, to coordinating trades and contractors, delivering an amazing kitchen and exceptional after sales service; Harrington Kitchens remain your one point of contact for the entirety of your new kitchen project or renovation in Sydney.

Book a consultation with our design team to discuss how we can help you create your new kitchen in Sydney or visit our website to view our story and see some of our amazing recent kitchen projects.