On trend and fitting for any sized kitchen. The tips you need for making the most of a coastal chic Hamptons kitchen!

Hamptons kitchens are refined and on trend. Mimicking beachside retreats, subtle cool tones set the foundations for Hamptons kitchens and interiors. Many people ask how on Earth do they keep their light and bright Hamptons-inspired kitchen as polished as it was on day one?


We don’t all have access to full-time cleaning staff like the rich and the famous, but Hamptons kitchens aren’t really that hard to maintain. Keeping it light, bright and white is all in the preparation!


Following are our tips for achieving a light, and always bright, Hamptons kitchen.


Hamptons kitchen colour palette


The first rule of a Hamptons-style kitchen is to start light. The simplest way to achieve this is installing white kitchen cabinetry. Additional colours can be introduced through some well-executed décor (and we will get to this). Gloss and semi-gloss cabinetry can easily be wiped over to remove any prints or dirty marks.


* Tip: for more cleaning hacks for your kitchen check out our recent article ‘how to design an easy clean kitchen’


To compliment the white base, finish your Hamptons kitchen with colours inspired by a natural coastal seascape. Coral, seafoam green, duck egg blue and lemon work seamlessly. Beige, cobalt blue and turquoise are other fitting options. If you want to add some vibrance into your Hamptons kitchen go for brighter hues of coral, for example, offset with charcoal.


Hamptons kitchen materials


Embracing the coastal vibe, Hamptons kitchens are typically adorned with natural elements and plenty of texture.


To keep it light, bright and white consider using some of the following materials:


  • upcycled timber painted shabby white
  • lacquered-up natural pieces of timber, straight off the beach
  • glossy, white subway tiles are ideal for creating a Hamptons kitchen splashback (an impressive splashback is a big feature of Hamptons style)
  • crisp-coloured marble or stone, perfect for a Hamptons kitchen benchtop or splashback option


Light, bright and white Hamptons kitchen décor


Décor is like the icing to the cake for Hamptons kitchens. And, although showy pieces are what Hamptons is all about, the golden rule is to keep it crisp and un-cluttered.


  • rustic white breakfast bar stools and dining settings coupled with white upholstery and linen textured cushions
  • an oversized timber wall clock
  • transform an old timber ladder into a free-standing shelf. Deck it out with wire baskets of vegetables, matte white ceramic herb pots and chunky old-style cookbooks
  • display some large mason jars filled with seashells, sand, and floating candles. Wrap them with twine for added texture and effect
  • display some linen tea towels in subtle sea-friendly colours or patterns
  • upcycle a piece of lacquered driftwood into a teacup holder or hang utensils from it on the benchtop




A light and bright Hamptons kitchen has to feature plenty of natural light. Flood the space with as much sunlight as possible. Stacked doors that open to an entertaining area are perfect, and even better for the Australian climate.


If you have a butler’s pantry, be sure to include a skylight in the ceiling.


Pendant lights are a big feature of Hamptons kitchens. Choose one that will polish the look whilst being easy to maintain. Design features like embellishments, carved timber or glass are harder to keep clean once the dust settles on them. An over-sized ceramic or stainless steel light will look just as great and are easy to wipe over.


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