Planning a kitchen that is easy to clean will save time and money. See our kitchen design ideas for a clean and crisp kitchen.

Often we are so focused on the look of a new kitchen that we forget about the future logistics of keeping it clean. And, high-style does not need to be high-maintenance all of the time.


So when you are compiling your kitchen design ideas remember to plan for features that will keep your cooking quarters looking just as shiny in a month’s time. Yes, realistically it is going to get messy. But there are some kitchen design ideas that will help the cleaning cause.


Working triangle


We have mentioned it before and it is number one on our kitchen design ideas for cleaning. A well-executed kitchen triangle helps to keep excess mess at bay.


The set-up of a cooktop, sink and fridge all within easy access to each other minimises travel distance when you’re working your kitchen magic. Spills often occur whilst transporting items from one to the other. So, keeping them located together helps to alleviate this.




You might love small tiles in your kitchen, but so does dirt and grime. The more joins and gaps, the better chance of trapping spills and splashes down below too.


Consider using flooring with less joins and seams to help with keeping it clean. Larger tiles with narrow grout lines, or vinyl flooring make good design ideas for your kitchen. Hardwood is a good choice too; however, you will find it needs to be cleaned more often as it shows up dirt more readily.




A low maintenance kitchen splashback is a must. Full metal sheets like stainless, stained glass or laminate (less costly) eliminate grout lines. Just like the flooring, grout lines roll out the red carpet to grease and grime, especially so close to a cooktop.


Another great design idea for the kitchen splashback is a thin slab of quartz or stone. All these design ideas are much easier to clean than tiny mosaics which are generally a popular splashback choice.


Kitchen cabinets


Another kitchen design idea for easy cleaning is kitchen cabinetry that has flat, smooth surfaces. Painted cabinetry that has a high-gloss finish might show up more prints, but they are great for cleaning. Just wipe over with a damp cloth followed by a dry towel and you are done.


Kitchen cabinetry with fancy molding and raised panelling are generally harder to keep clean.


Kitchen cabinet designs often come down to handles or no handles. Handles keep prints off the cabinet doors but need to be wiped over themselves. A kitchen design idea to help with this – just choose a handle that makes it possible to open the door with only a couple of fingers. You will find this particularly handy when you have sticky or greasy fingers mid-cook.


Don’t forget to include some kitchen cabinet drawer inserts into your kitchen design planning. When the inserts have seen better days, just discard and replace them. This keeps the bottom of your kitchen drawers in better condition too.


Kitchen sink


We know the sink plays a big role in keeping the kitchen clean. But, when thinking about kitchen design ideas put this into the think tank. We love undermount kitchen sinks as they make it much easier to clean away mess from the benchtop. Just swipe across the bench with a cloth and the benchtop crumbs can go straight into the sink to be discarded.




In an environmentally-conscience environment, two bins are basically a must these days. Include a space under your bench to have a receptacle for the general waste and one for recycling. We like bins that have a handle (like a bucket) so it is easier to transport outside when full. Keeping them under bench means less clutter on the floor, keeping it clean and tidy.


Maintenance and cleaning does not mean you need to forfeit your favourite kitchen design ideas. A little planning will help create a kitchen that is both aesthetically and logistically in tune.


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