It can be tough putting up with a kitchen that lacks design functionality. But when your kitchen resembles an organised mess, there are some kitchen design ideas you can implement to help with the situation.

To take the pressure off check out the following kitchen design ideas for an efficient kitchen.

1. The triangle kitchen design idea

Storing your pots and pans near the oven or stovetop areas increases efficiency for when you are cooking up a storm. Consider re-locating your cookware in cabinets next to your stove. Or, if space permits add some overhead cabinets as a new kitchen design idea.

Installing some suspended racks, or repurposing items like an old ladder, can also make great functional spaces to hang your pots and pans in the central ‘triangle’ area.

2. Open shelving

You can never have too many shelves. A functional, efficient kitchen design idea will include plenty of shelving and open storage. Furnish shelves with mason jars filled with staples like rice and pasta. Create some attractive labels to match the theme of your kitchen and the rest of your kitchen design ideas.

When cupboard space is limited, just add floor-standing shelving to an un-used corner of the room. Alternatively, look for some wall space where shelving could be fixed to.

3. Pare back

That third set of bowls and plates, which never get used, is only chewing up kitchen storage space. Consider removing anything that is simply eating away your storage area. Often, one decent-sized set of dinnerware is sufficient enough for an entire household. Where can you pare back?

Here are some other kitchen design ideas commonly used for paring back:

  • Choose one or two cutting boards in a rack that is attractive enough to leave displayed on the benchtop
  • Use a teacup storage stand on the bench instead of putting your teacups in the cupboard. Re-consider how many mugs and cups you really need
  • Throw out un-used gadgets and widgets – impulse bought slicers and dicers, or juicers that have never seen the light of day. If you have trouble parting with them, store them in a box together rather than sucking up space strewn throughout a drawer

4. Bench space kitchen design

If you are low on benchtop space – introduce a butcher’s block to the end of your existing bench. This can double as a servery area as well.

5. Double-duty items

Introduce items that will double in duty to save kitchen design space. Mason jars can be used as food storage as well as drinking vessels. Savvy appliances like Thermomixers double as a blender and mixer.

6. Store like with like

For ease of locating your items and optimum efficiency, stash similar items together. Store measuring utensils with other cooking utensils like plate scrapers and spatulas. And in the pantry keep the dry ingredients together and the oils and vinegars in another area of the pantry.

7. Fresh is best

Not only better for you, fresh food takes less storage and therefore is a top kitchen design idea for space saving. Little pots of fresh herbs on the windowsill make attractive décor pieces too. How about growing your own vegetables in the garden?

There are plenty of kitchen design ideas to help make your kitchen more efficient. Start by reassessing where your pieces are stored and the number of items you need.

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