What does it take to make a luxury kitchen in Sydney? Do you really have to splash a tonne of cash to achieve a kitchen of luxury status? In this article, you will find plenty of answers and tips from the talented, expert minds of our kitchen designers at Harrington Kitchens. Because we simply love creating luxury kitchens in Sydney!

When it comes to creating and planning a new kitchen, whether that be a luxury kitchen in Sydney or elsewhere, “luxury” can denote different designs and inclusions for different people. Some people may prefer a less-is-more approach, while others might like a kitchen stocked to the brim with fancy trimmings, extra spaces and accessories. One thing is for sure – a great kitchen deserves plenty of planning time and attention, regardless of its size, shape or style.

So, on this matter, we thought why not check in with our talented experts at Harrington Kitchens to see exactly what they think a luxury kitchen in Sydney should entail. Some of these tips and insights could be exactly what you are looking for to help achieve a new and personal design for your luxury kitchen in Sydney.

What do you consider as key features and characteristics of a luxury kitchen for clients in Sydney?

Craig: I am a fan of integrated appliances and the use of high-end materials for kitchen cabinetry and lighting. Natural stone is a great option for bench tops.

Danielle: The real jewels of a luxury kitchen are the finishing details such as handles, which should never be overlooked! Another key feature of a luxury kitchen are definitely the appliances.

Scott G: Key inclusions in a luxury kitchen are high quality appliances, hidden slide out bin systems, large islands, integrated lighting, easy access systems that reach into difficult corners, and genuine solid timber highlights such as open shelving.

James: Luxury kitchen designs feature high-quality materials on cabinets doors, cabinetry hardware and fittings, as well as high-grade stone benchtops. The space is professionally planned, includes modern technologies and appliances and a well thought out lighting plan that covers function as well as design. Expert colour and design input creates a seamless flow throughout the home.

Scott W: For me, a sense of luxury in a kitchen comes from having and executing a clear vision as well as paying close attention to the finer details. The final kitchen space should include personal touches from the client for something extra special.

If money was no object, what are some “must-haves” that you think should be included in a luxury kitchen for people Sydney?

Craig: Luxury kitchens without any budget limitation should definitely have high-end appliances and some really special lighting features.

Danielle: Luxury kitchens should definitely have luxury appliances. Sub Zero and gaggenau are amazing brands to feature in your kitchen. Even if you can’t cook like a masterchef, you can have a kitchen that looks the part!

Scott G: I would include instant hot/cold water taps (Zip taps, Billi taps, etc). Stone benchtops and kitchen splashbacks. Glass display doors, and amazing task and mood lighting.

James: High-end built-in appliances and electronic opening/closing doors. I think two island benches are another must-have luxury kitchen inclusion and a large walk-in pantry.

Scott W: If money was no object, it’s an amazing opportunity to get really creative and give the client something above and beyond. “Must haves” are accessibility to all areas, with functional items like drawers, caddy systems and integrated appliances for a seamless look to really create a sense of style.

Do you have any inside tips for inclusions or features that you think look the part or add a sense of luxury, without coming with a ‘luxury’ price tag?

Craig: When you are dealing with an existing u-shape kitchen design, open it up with an island bench to help improve the flow of the entire area.

* Tip: for some kitchen island bench inspiration, ‘try these stunning kitchen island bench ideas’.

Danielle: Tiles are fantastic way to introduce a touch of colour and character to any kitchen design.

Scott G: You can achieve a luxurious look for less using melamine doors in dark and textured finishes. Also think about including beautiful tiled splashbacks and nice handles on the cabinetry.

James: The clever use of contrasting edged board materials can really lift a space whilst potentially not carrying the price tag of polyurethane painted products. Melamine and pre-finished board materials have really improved over the last decade, and the different finishes available on the market now are quite amazing.

Scott W: Internal drawers in cupboards and pantry spaces are a really simple yet effective addition without too much added cost.

Do you have any other thoughts, comments or tips on how to create a luxury kitchen that is both as pleasing on the eye as it is functional?

Craig: Use an on-trend colour pallet and incorporate some natural-look timber elements. Create plenty of open workspace wherever possible.

Danielle: Timber flooring can help to soften a space, whilst also injecting a sense of warmth. I think Herringbone and chevron flooring is just sunning!

Scott G: I think lighting is key and well worth the investment and time to get right. A luxury kitchen should also have great quality, comfortable bar stools for people to gather around the island bench. It should have a great flow between the sink and preparation area, the cooking zone and the food storage area (fridge and pantry).

James: Maintaining the work `triangle’ and making sure your different working zones flow with your work patterns are key. Luxury kitchens can sometimes get caught up too much in the aesthetic over the actual function and use of the space, and it is super important to have a healthy blend of both.

Scott W: Follow your instincts, not whatever you are seeing all over social media. Don’t be afraid to move away from familiarity. This is a common pitfall for many. No matter what kitchen goes in, it is destined to be better than what you currently have. But don’t think that is enough. Seize the opportunity and consider it a blank canvas. Create something really special for you and your family. One thing I say to most clients is, “If you were standing in your kitchen right now what do you want to see?” This usually gets people thinking and ultimately gets them talking to their partner, saying things like remember when we….!!!!

There are definitely some common themes running through here, but some great individual perspectives too. The ingredients for creating a luxury kitchen can certainly vary from one person or project to the next, and that is what makes it all the more exciting to be a part of. At Harrington Kitchens we love producing one-of-a-kind, custom-made luxury kitchens to suit each individual family, household or lifestyle.

We’d love to work with you on your luxury kitchen project in Sydney. Call us on 1300 662 112 or book a consultation with our Harrington Kitchens design team to see how seamlessly and professionally we can help create your dream kitchen.