No matter how many kitchen items, utensils and appliances you own, you can never have enough kitchen storage. We are always looking for new ways to utilise kitchen space and maximise storage when planning a kitchen renovation. Thankfully, we have come up with some clever kitchen storage solutions for you to keep in mind when designing your new kitchen.

Island Storage
Kitchen islands are great for extra storage and provide additional space for cooking preparation. A convenient kitchen island will include dining and bench top space with built-in shelving and cabinets to store kitchen appliances, wine bottles and cookbooks. If you have a large collection of kitchen items, install custom made drawers tailored to your cutlery, pots, pans and dinnerware to keep them organised, easy to find and make the most of your kitchen space.

Vertical Pull-Out Drawers
Pull-out racks are clever solutions for awkward narrow spaces next to your oven, sink or even in your pantry. They are one of the best ways to pack a lot of storage into a small area. Use them to store your chopping boards, hang kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies or even convert them into a knife or spice rack. A pull-out knife drawer is a creative and concealed alternative to a knife block. Position it as close to your preparation area as possible for the most convenient access.

Pantry Cabinet
Install a custom cabinet-moulded rack inside your pantry to store your spices and most used kitchen ingredients. Built-in pantry cabinets make it easy to find things quickly with large shelves, racks and drawers. Door mounted spice racks maximise the vertical space on the inside of your doors and keep them handy and accessible.

Hidden Wine Bar
Lastly, a creative and convenient use of space for a deep cabinet next to your fridge is a small-space wine bar. Include racks for your wine bottles and wine glasses with pull-out bench top space to serve your wine.

We hope these kitchen storage solutions will help you when designing or renovating your kitchen. Here at Harrington Kitchens our experienced designers understand you and your family’s style and needs to create the best kitchen solution for you.

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