Open shelving, featuring joinery that’s simple with natural tones, is a great way in which a renovator can add a personal touch to their kitchen. Display pottery, cookbooks, hanging plants, vessels with flowers, artisan ceramics or whatever you fancy to add colour, life and personality. Our tips will help bring a balance between style and functionality to make open shelving work for your kitchen.

Having open shelving creates a fun energy in your kitchen by opening up the space. This trend creates a visual impact on your kitchen and will help you minimise clutter.

Seamless Look

Match items that are similar colour or texture to the back wall or shelf to blend into the kitchen. Or create a clean look by displaying items with the same two colours but in varying shades to match. For example, blue and white and incorporating shells for texture to pop on your open shelving.

Grouping Objects

Create mini collections and display, as a group will make your space look clean and uncluttered. It could simply be various bowls stacked on top of one another or having mugs all face the same direction; the idea is to create order within the kitchen.


Add tiles, paint or wall paper to have a funky colour or pattern behind your open shelving to add a focal point into your kitchen. If your kitchen is white, including open shelving, then consider item colour choices you want to display. White on white is trendy, though having pieces that stand out are far more aesthetically pleasing. Simply add some warmth trough varying wooden pieces like bowls or chopping boards, both dark and light, to add warmth.


Display paintings, drawings, and sculptures or even cook books on your open shelving to expand and open your kitchen space. It will create an illusion of open space, particularly in smaller kitchens. Simply lean artworks at the end of shelves and in between other items for some character.

Furniture Style

Adding open shelving that resembles furniture is the perfect way to incorporate any style to match the rest of your home. For example adding open shelving with trim moulding to match an elegant home.

Size Matters

Place your loved pieces on display and mix it up with varying sizes. Using both large and small pieces creates fuller and layered open shelving. Think along the lines of leaning an artwork as background filler, adding a medium sized vase with flowers and a few small shells as decorative pieces.

Organise Efficiently

Place your most used items on lower shelves so they are easy to reach and place items that are not used often or collectable pieces on higher shelves. This will create functionality within your kitchen without compromising your open shelving style. Organisation is great for showing off your collectables.

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