It can be hard to decide on which benchtop or splashback you want and it’s even harder to find ones that you love that also work well together!  Read on to find out the 4 approaches to selecting your kitchen benchtop and splashback.

  1. Select the benchtop first. It’s natural to be a little overwhelmed by all of the materials and colour choices. A good idea is to first focus only on the benchtop. There is less choice in benchtops than there are in splashbacks, and once you consider your lifestyle and what you need from a kitchen bench as well as what you like the look of, your choices will be narrowed down considerably. Once your benchtop has been chosen, this also narrows down your choice of splashback as you will have to find something that will fit in with the benchtop material. If you select an intricate benchtop with lots of detail or colour, consider going for a less complicated, neutral splashback so that the benchtop is the feature.
  2. Select the splashback first. If you happen to find the perfect splashback before you hav even looked at benchtops, just go with it! Once you have selected the backsplash, your choice of benchtop will narrow down. As I mentioned earlier, if you have a detailed patterned or coloured splashback, go for a neutral, more subtle benchtop and vice versa. Thi sisn’t to say you can’t go with a mix of colour or pattern, but it is best if you are going with different patterns to keep the same colour throughout. If you are going for varying colours, try to stick to a similar pattern or detail.
  3. Use the same material for both. If you want to keep the process simple, start by choosing the benchtop and use that material for both the benchtop and the splashback. If you are lucky, you will be able to use your leftover of your bench slab for the backsplash. You can also consider using a tile version of the benchtop material for a cost effective option. This also breaks it up a bit and gives it a slightly different look with the same material. You could also run the benchtop material 10cm – 15cm up the wall as a short splashback.
  4. Hire an expert. Sometimes it is extremely hard to visualise your finished kitchen, which is why choosing materials can become so challenging. A good idea for many people is to hire an expert. They don’t have to make the choices for you, but they will be able to help plan and design with you and may point out some options that you never considered before.

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