Outdoor kitchens are more spacious and create a beautiful alfresco dining experience. With summer BBQs, hot evenings and day light savings not far away, many Australian’s are searching for an ideal way to open up their kitchen to the outdoors. Expose your kitchen to the fresh air and sunlight and avoid being cooped up near a hot cook top this summer. Here are some helpful design ideas on how to open a kitchen to the outdoors.

  1. Install Sliding Glass Doors
    With the kitchen being a core point to your home, an ideal way to open it to the outdoors is by installing sliding glass doors. This will not take up any extra space in your kitchen and allow you to enjoy wide views of the outdoors with an open area to prepare, cook and entertain your guests.
  2. Introduce Folding Windows
    Folding windows have minimal frames and allow you to open your kitchen to the summer breeze and sunlight. Folding windows let you open up your kitchen without fully committing to the outdoors, ideal if you live in a location with unkind weather conditions.
  3. Add an Outdoor Bar
    Positioning an outdoor bar close to your kitchen lets you entertain your guests during the cooking process while they enjoy the warm weather. The outdoor bar creates convenient pass-through access to your kitchen and an outdoor oasis to entertain your guests in the summertime.
  4. Swap Kitchen Doors
    If you don’t want to make a huge change to your kitchen, switch a solid kitchen door to a glass version to let a little light into your kitchen. A glass door will change the feel of your kitchen and is a simple and cost effective way to open to your outdoor entertainment area in the warmer months. Even if the door is closed in the cooler climate, it is a great way to make the kitchen feel larger and spacious.
  5. Remove a Wall
    Removing a section of a wall of the kitchen and replacing it with glass will add a welcoming feel to your kitchen and a great view of your outdoor dining area. This is a great idea if you have a large budget as it you can install glass doors or windows letting you open as much or as little of your kitchen to the outdoors as you like.
  6. Invest in an Awning Roof
    Installing an awning roof over your outdoor area will allow you to freely move from inside to outside regardless of the weather. The roof will give the feeling of an outdoor area and allow hot summer air to escape while still being sheltered from any rain.
  7. Create a Seamless Flow
    Carrying the same bench top and materials through to your alfresco dining space is a great way to connect your inside kitchen to the outdoors with a smooth transition.

There are many ways to open a kitchen to the outdoors and we hope these ideas have inspired you. For guidance on choosing the right design that best suits your needs, seek the advice of the professionals in kitchen design.

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