Whether you are tired of your dull, out-dated kitchen or you would like to increase the value of your home, it may be time to plan a kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the room of the house that needs the most planning and consideration. To help you think like a kitchen designer, here are 5 key steps and process to think about before you begin your kitchen renovation.

  1. Existing Space
    Consider your existing kitchen space and determine what works best and what doesn’t. Take note of what you would like to change, such as any structural alterations, movement of plumbing and walls or adding windows, doors and electrical positions.
  2. Style and Function
    Think about the relationship between your kitchen and the rest of your home. Will you design your new kitchen to blend in with your existing style or go with a fresh look to add a new feel to your home? Collecting an inspiration board for your new kitchen can help you lock in your kitchen style as well as consider alternate kitchen layouts. Look at the function of your existing kitchen and think about the space in an alternative way. Do you want an open-plan kitchen style or closed-off layout?
  3. Kitchen Appliances
    To maintain a sense of practicality, consider how certain kitchen items can break up the space within your new kitchen. Write a list of what kitchen appliances you require and what dimensions you will be using in your new kitchen as this will help determine your layout. Keep in mind that you will need to choose appliances with similar finishes and styles to keep a consistent look in your kitchen.
  4. Kitchen Storage
    Adequate storage space is crucial in any kitchen regardless of its size. Assess your storage needs and be clever about the use of space you have. Think about what you need to store away and what you want to display. To make it easier it is a good idea to write a list of kitchen appliances you need to store so you can determine how much cupboard or pantry space you need to plan for.
  5. Detailing
    Once your new kitchen plan has been finalised you will need to think about the details of your new kitchen – the finishes of the bench tops, splashback, cabinets, flooring and walls. You will have figured out your kitchen style in step 2 and can research which finishes will suit that style best. It is a good idea to visit a kitchen showroom such as Harrington Kitchens so you can physically see different kitchen styles, finishes and detailing to help you determine what you like and get some inspiration.

Here at Harrington Kitchens we can help you renovate and transform your out-dated kitchen into your dream design, no matter what your style. We strive to create a kitchen that you will love and that will last.

Harrington Kitchens offers a wide variety of kitchen designs and styles including:

For more information on our various kitchen designs, please visit our Gallery. Our Gallery brings together a selection of our custom kitchen designs ranging from traditional to contemporary kitchens. Each kitchen style has the flexibility to work in any home environment and can be designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

The entire Harrington Kitchens team is focused on designing kitchens that utilise premium materials and offer each and every customer the highest level of service. Harrington Kitchens partners with the best quality kitchen suppliers within the kitchen manufacturing industry and employs experienced and professional tradesmen to ensure the longevity of your custom designed kitchen.

For a free quote and free design consultation please contact us at Harrington Kitchens on (02) 4647 4474 or submit an online enquiry, alternatively you are welcome to visit the Harrington Kitchens Showroom at 12 Graham Hill Road Narellan NSW or 5 Old Hume Highway, Mittagong NSW.

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