When designing a new kitchen or renovating an outdated kitchen there are many things to be taken into consideration. While choosing which bench top materials, kitchen cabinet door styles or extravagant kitchen appliances you want to use, it is also important to think about the smaller details of your new kitchen. To add the perfect finishing touch to the functionality of your kitchen renovation, here are some innovative kitchen design solutions you may not have thought about before.

  • Kitchen Appliance Cabinets
    As the microwave, kettle and coffee machine are some of the most used small appliances in the kitchen you may not want to store them away in a cupboard or drawer, but want them hidden away while still having easy access. The solution is to install an efficient roller door which rolls up into the cabinet above. Store your smaller appliances in this cabinet where you can easily slide items in and out for a clutter free bench top.
  • Built in Compost Unit
    Install a composting unit or garbage chute into your kitchen bench top means with one easy wipe, your food scraps are collected in your integrated disposal system. Add one where most of your food preparation is done with a pull out draw for quick and easy garbage disposal.
  • Rotating Cupboards
    If you have lost count of how many pots and pans or have trouble remembering which ones you own, an innovative way to use your storage cupboards to their full potential is to install carousel shelving into your corner cupboards. This will give you access to the items in the back of your cupboards and allow you to clearly see which baking pans and containers you want to use while they rotate around your kitchen cupboards.
  • Microwave Cabinet
    Similar to the appliance cabinet, if you are short for space on your kitchen bench top or want to conceal your appliances, a microwave cabinet can be installed under your kitchen bench, at the end of your kitchen island. This frees up valuable work space and is at an appropriate height for regular usage.
  • Extra Storage
    If you have high ceilings in your kitchen and are craving storage space, why not build an extra row of cabinets above your kitchen. Storing items which are not regularly used in the above cabinets means you will free up space in your lower cabinets for everyday items. You will then have room to install internal drawers into your cupboard instead of shelves for a more user-friendly pantry.

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