Not just the place where we are fed and watered anymore, kitchens are becoming the real amphitheatre to main stage living areas within our homes. Due to this, kitchen décor is ever-changing and perpetually important.

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Prominently featuring in the everyday hustle and bustle of life, a kitchen plays host to our food preparation, catch-ups between meals, a spot to read the mail, and plenty of bench top bartering as we keep each other informed of the day’s news and gossip.

Through the sheer diversity of a kitchen’s usage, your kitchen décor should reflect not only your styling preferences, but the various functional aspects required of the décor in your kitchen itself. The styling of your kitchen trinkets, odds and ends, can play a real starring role when it comes to the overall interior decorating of your home.

With Christmas now getting closer and closer, have you thought about incorporating some extra Christmas cheer into your kitchen décor this year?

Kitchens are generally positioned in prominent locations within the home, and some cleverly planned kitchen décor can really add to the festive atmosphere of the silly season. Your humble food prep quarters can bestow so many fantastic embellishments for Christmas. And you don’t need to go over the top or spend thousands of dollars to be successful at setting up some eye-catching Christmas décor for your kitchen.

To help kick your creative skills into gear, we’ve set out some easy to follow guides on how to update your kitchen décor so that you are well sorted in time for Christmas. Unlike the concepts that are sourced from the other side of the globe, our décor tips for your kitchen are uniquely tailored for a summer Christmas, because we all know that it does not snow in summer here. Think beach, think fun in the sun, and think about Santa arriving in board shorts and thongs instead of that big red getup.

So, let’s surprise the jolly fat man and give him some uniquely Australian, conventionally savvy, Christmas kitchen décor this time around!

By changing it up just a little, you can have some effective and attractive Christmas kitchen décor that will make your kitchen shine like the star that it is at this time of the year.

Here’s our how-to for updating your kitchen décor for Christmas, the southern hemisphere way.

Colour Selections

To achieve uniformity for your kitchen décor, select your colour palette first (let it flow, not let it snow). Rather than the warmer subdued tones of winter or the traditional red and green, a summer Christmas can make way for some brighter tones. Examples of these include;

  • Blue and silver to reflect the water
  • Throw in some gold to reflect the colour of the beach
  • Playful fuchsia or purple also work well, especially with sparkly elements commonly found at this time of the year
  • You might like to remain neutral and opt to keep a white base, reflected only by the elements that you introduce into the rest of the décor for your kitchen and home


Be Minimalistic and Realistic

As we mentioned above, the kitchen can usually be considered a central hub for goings-on in the home. It is simply not realistic to pack so much into your kitchen décor arrangements that you don’t have space for anything else. An abundance of decorative items on your bench and strewn around the area might look festive, but just won’t cut it with practicality. Who needs overgrown greenery and scruffy tinsel everywhere anyway?

An easily-defined colour palette for Christmas kitchen décor with minimal clutter

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Kitchen Décor Suggestions

With your colour palette sorted and your requirements for space established, following are some of the basic ways you can achieve Christmas kitchen décor without the overkill.

  1. Mason jars

Most of us have pre-loved mason jars lingering around in a collection for a rainy day. Well, here is that rainy day! Mason jars make fantastic, extremely versatile, economical ways to grasp any type of styling for your kitchen. Some of the many ways you can use mason jars include;

  • Add some water and a floating candle (coloured water looks great too)
  • Add some twine, ribbon or wire to the outside of the jar
  • Drop some sand into the bottom of the jar and a tealight candle
  • Fill the jar with some shells and rocks
  • Fill the jar with mini Christmas baubles or string bead decorations in your chosen colour

A mason jar is an economical kitchen décor idea. This starfish jar is very reflective of the beach lifestyle for an Australian Christmas.

Source: The Inspired Room

  1. Battery operated fairy lights

Nothing screams festive than lights and more lights! Adding some battery-operated fairy lights around your kitchen will introduce some candy for the senses, especially after dark.

Consider winding some fairy lights around the inside of glass vases or jars. You might like to run some lights on top of your cabinets for some depth to your kitchen décor. Or how about taped to the underside of your breakfast bar stools. Think about anywhere you can add a little twinkle, without getting in the way of you or your guests.

  1. Functionality

Remember to consider how you can suit up your kitchen décor with space in mind, in particular where to put your greeting cards. We all get them, some of us are just a little more popular than others (or fallen into the realm of e-cards as it would be these days). Instead of leaving your cards all over the kitchen bench, display them proudly as a feature decoration in your kitchen. Check out the examples we have sourced below.

A fun and functional way to display your greeting cards using vases, sand and forks

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Functional décor for your kitchen displaying Christmas cards

Source: Greener Grass Handmade

Kitchen décor is easily interchangeable from season to season and for each special occasion throughout the year. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a splash of creative flair.

To get your kitchen ready for styling and some impressive décor this Christmas, firstly consider the space you have available and the functions you need to perform. Keep it simple, keep it fresh, and keep it summer savvy, without the fake greenery in your face and imitation snow in your eyes. We’ve done the legwork, now get out there and starting planning the creative décor ideas for your kitchen.

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