Kitchen Storage Solutions

Corner cabinets in the kitchen are undeniably the most difficult to organise and store items. The awkward corner cabinet offers a lot of storage space but is difficult to reach and can quickly become a jumbled mess of pots and pans. Turn your dreaded corner kitchen cabinets into an organised and accessible storage space with these corner cabinet solutions for every budget.

If you are a fan of the modern and sleek look in kitchen designs, a handleless kitchen could be the style for you. With handleless cabinet doors or push to close upper cabinets, you can create a clutter-free and sleek kitchen design. Read on to help you decide whether smooth finished, handleless kitchen cabinets are what you need to put the finishing touches to your kitchen renovation.

Wine storage in the kitchen requires special attention as it must be stored at certain temperatures and in easy to reach places for entertaining in the kitchen. Sometimes unused or awkward places in the kitchen can be an ideal wine storage solution. Here are four places to store your wine in the kitchen that won’t take up all of your space.

Whilst it is great to have a beautifully designed kitchen, an organised and well-run space will make your home life easer, especially in a small area. You don’t need an expansive space to have a functional kitchen - the most important step is getting organised and making it easier to find what you need when cooking. Here’s how to make the most of your small kitchen and organise your space.

Kitchen cabinets have developed to be one of the most versatile and flexible storage components in the kitchen. When looking at how to maximise the use of your cabinets and how to best utilise the space available, the key is to choose the right storage or shelving system. Bi-fold kitchen cabinet doors and lift up systems which move the door upward have many benefits.

While traditional storage areas such as your cabinets, drawers and bench tops are a standard in your kitchen, don’t ignore smart under-utilised areas that can maximise your storage and organization. We have collected some creative storage solutions you may not have thought of as you can never have enough kitchen storage!

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most visible design features in a kitchen. The finish of your kitchen cabinets can make a huge impact to your kitchen design and is as important as your choice of style and colour. Which kitchen cabinet finish is the most durable and will work best in your kitchen? Read on to find out the pros and cons of each surface.