For many homes, the kitchen is one of the most exploited spaces. Keeping a kitchen clean and tidy to cater for all that is sees is essential. And when you are not blessed with storage or a kitchen pantry the size of a small room – it’s more about capitalising on every nook and cranny.

The kitchen pantry is a great place to start. Through its usual abundance of packets, jars, tins, boxes, and anything else we throw into the mix, the humble kitchen pantry has the potential to be heralded a hero.

Using these simple ideas with clever delivery, you can master kitchen pantry organisation like a pro.


Transform the blank wall space (or door space) in your kitchen pantry into a suspended display of herbs and spices.

Simply fix a small sheet of stainless to the wall. Place a quality magnet on the lid of your spice jars and stick them to the metal sheet. Label the bottom of the jars to easily identify their contents.

File folders and magazine racks

These items don’t just organise the office, they work just as good in the kitchen pantry.

Use magazine files to stash sports drink bottles on their side or house onions and potatoes. Flip the rack onto its side as an instant shelf for un-stackable items like packets of chips.


To capitalise on pantry space move non-perishables like four, sugar, pasta, rice, and dried beans into stackable labelled containers.

Make Susan not so lazy

Hard-to-reach corners of the kitchen pantry, that see more dark than light, are not so hard to reach if you incorporate a lazy Susan there to use as a revolving display shelf. No more second guessing whether you have enough of that random ingredient, just spin Susan around to find out.

Cork board

As a hub of the home, why not use a feature of the kitchen as the home control centre too!

Turn the kitchen pantry into the household noticeboard. If you don’t like the magnetic sheet option we mentioned earlier, hang a corkboard on the kitchen pantry door instead. Display the kids’ chores list, bill reminders, budgets, or an event schedule for everyone to keep up.

Hanging baskets

The kitchen pantry door comes up again for this hack. A perfect place to hang some wire storage baskets to home lighter items like aluminium foil, clingwrap or freezer bags. Resist the temptation to store anything heavy or bulky on the kitchen pantry door to avoid damage to the door’s hinges.

Hanging baskets are also great for kids’ snacks. These snacks are usually lightweight and prevent the kids rummaging through the entire kitchen pantry in search of their favourite.

Hang the baskets above or below your corkboard or magnetic sheet.

Transparent tubs

Store smaller items like muesli bars and health snacks in transparent tubs. Simply grab the tub and pick your quick-fix treat.


Nobody has time to fossick when they are hungry or under the pump to cook like a master chef. For ultimate organisation face all the labels on jars, tins and prepared containers in your kitchen pantry outwards.

Floor baskets

A seemingly wasted space of the kitchen pantry and usually just home to items like cooking oil, giant tubs, and an abundance of plastic bags. But add some baskets and you can store plenty of other items to pull out at your fingertips. Those unruly plastic bags also tidy up well in a basket on the kitchen pantry floor.

Kitchen island

As an extra place to prepare and plate up, a portable kitchen island bench can also prove beneficial in the storage wars. The Harrington Kitchens team can integrate an island bench into any kitchen design.

Tried all this and still need more kitchen pantry space or organisation help? Just check in with Harrington Kitchens. We will get you organised in a jiffy.