See the keys for creating a timeless classic kitchen that will look and function just as great now as it does in the years to come. Here are our expert design tips to help with your timeless classic kitchen planning and design.

There are many factors to consider when building or renovating a kitchen. And when it comes down to getting premium return for your outlay, timeless classic kitchens maximise on functionality just as much as they show off their aesthetics. A high quality, professionally built, kitchen with timeless classic kitchen style, will look and function just as great in the years to come as it does when it is first installed.

So, what is the key for creating a classic timeless kitchen? Easy! Champion simple design and styling solutions that will make work and play in the hub of the home that much more streamlined. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, lucky we know exactly how to get started.

Our design team at Harrington Kitchens have pieced together the key planning elements to help create a stunning, timeless, classic kitchen design for your home.

#1 Neutralised Pallet

Timeless classic kitchens typically emit minimal fuss when it comes to their colour pallet. Neutral, softer tones such as white, beige, ivory, taupe, and grey are commonly used throughout cabinetry, splashbacks and benchtops. The cabinetry is also generally finished in matt or satin coatings rather than a gloss finish.

Sure, trendy, bold or bright colours might catch your eye in an instant, but they are usually just that – a trend. And when you decide the trend is over, or you are looking to sell your property and want to appeal to a wide range of buyers, you will likely need to change up those bright or bold-coloured fixtures. Is that a cost you are prepared to carry?

If you want to add brightness or drama to your timeless classic kitchen space through colour, make use of features that can be swapped in and out easily, such as floor mats, kitchen décor, small appliances (kettles, toasters, etc), and textiles like bar stool cushions, pot holders, tea towels and table linens. That way, you can enjoy your favourite colours incorporated into a timeless classic kitchen space without the worry of any huge outlay when it’s time to change them up.

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#2 Use Timeless Classic Kitchen Dependables


Timeless classic kitchen designs generally feature a beautiful balance of painted surfaces, with natural elements that showcase their stunning features; such as stone, timber and glass. This balance of style creates a dependable aesthetic that will never date.

Stay Grounded

Timber and stone offer a timeless classic kitchen an earthy touch and feel, which is exactly what it requires to stay grounded. Nothing too flashy and nothing too boring. Kitchen designs that use engineered materials and ultra-shiny elements may appear on-trend now, but these are prone to dating much quicker than the more dependable, natural options.

We Love Shaker-Style

When it comes to the style of cabinets for a timeless classic kitchen, you can’t really go wrong with traditional, Shaker-style cabinetry. Shaker-style has already stood the test of time and will not be disappearing any time soon. Clean lines and subtle detailing means that you can easily add your own styling touch and character to the space without having to worry too much about whether the 2 components work together.


Open shelving has become a staple in timeless classic kitchen designs as well. Although open shelves may not be everyone’s favourite choice, this is a design element that is definitely on the rise in many kitchen styles. Showcasing everyday use items is a very good time-saving feature as you can go straight for the things you need. Open shelving in timeless classic kitchens helps to deter clutter that may ordinarily stack up if kept hidden away behind cupboard doors too. And of course, it is a great way to display your favourite pieces – whether it’s kitchenware or other sentimental items that you like to have close by.

#3 Use Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

You cannot expect to achieve the long-lasting function and aesthetic of a timeless classic kitchen using cheap alternative materials or shortcut building practices. If you want the longevity of a timeless classic kitchen, you must plan properly from the start. Use quality materials with quality craftsmanship.

As a premium material, stone is a must-have for benchtops in timeless classic kitchens. Not only does the stone look amazing, but with proper care it is extremely hardwearing and durable too. Marble, quartz, granite and dolomite are some of the more popular options in timeless classic kitchen designs.

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Quality materials and professional kitchen installations might cost more as an initial outlay, but when cared for and maintained correctly, they will hold their worth more than more cost-effective alternatives. We think this makes it a worthwhile investment.

#4 Open for Functionality

Open-style kitchens have become a popular standard in modern homes, as a free-flowing design promotes opportunity to use the space to its maximum potential. An entertaining area, catering quarters, or a place to sit and bury your head in your favourite paperback (or tablet as is generally the case these days) can all form part of the kitchen space. A timeless classic kitchen of today will cater for more than just day-to-day cooking needs and allow the buzz of the home to flow fluidly throughout the space.

Consider an open layout that incorporates multi-functional elements, like a kitchen island bench and maybe even a breakfast or study nook.

A beautiful, well-designed and well-built, timeless classic kitchen will be an asset to your home as it prevails through, and stands apart from, all of the new and changing kitchen trends. This is a kitchen design that adds excellent value to your home and is a great investment choice for new and renovated kitchens, with its many benefits being enjoyed now and well into the future.

For more timeless classic kitchen design ideas, take a look at our Harrington Kitchens gallery of beautiful finished kitchens. Call us on 1300 662 112 or book a consultation with our design team to discuss how we can help create a beautiful timeless classic kitchen in your home.