Get the best of both worlds with one of the hottest trends on the market today. Find plenty of two-toned kitchen inspiration and discover how the simple use of two colours can help to transform your kitchen aesthetic in an instant.

Generally speaking, two-toned kitchens are certainly not a “new” kitchen design idea. But as a design style that continues its popularity; this is a kitchen trend that metamorphosises with time and will still live to see many more days.

The “dual colour”, two-toned approach, is a fantastic way to liven up a kitchen and add eye-catching appeal without being too overbearing. Two-tone can be a subtle combination of similar tones or a bold contrast to boost character or add a visual feature within the space.

For your viewing pleasure, we have compiled some two-toned kitchen inspiration and ideas to help boost the mood and appeal of your kitchen.

Muted Two-Tones for Subtle Highlight & Smaller Spaces

Perhaps you are looking to create something a little special from the limited kitchen space that you have, or maybe you have some good space to work with and want to add a subtle hint of colour, without making a huge feature of it.

Muted two-tone colourings are a great option for both of these scenarios.

If you have a smaller kitchen space, you may not have as much creative license on colour as someone with a more generous-sized room. You need to be aware of this when looking at two-tone kitchen inspiration and ideas.

For smaller kitchens, we recommend incorporating lighter shades as they tend to play more on natural light and can help to illuminate spaces, making the area appear roomier. Subtle tone is the key for a smaller area, with earthy tones and pastel colours making good two-tone options.

A Pop of Island Colour

A great way to add instant personality to a kitchen space is by incorporating an impactful colour under the bench top.

The kitchen island bench is a great area to introduce some two-toned colour for instant impact into the space. You could opt for softer shades for a touch of colour in the space, or a deeper tone for dramatic effect.

Various shades and tones of blue are a popular choice at the moment for adding maximum colour and interest to your new kitchen.

Timeless Pairing

Black and white is a timeless classic for two-toned kitchen inspiration – it’s a pairing that always manages to balance each other out with the boldness of black and the crispness of white.

Use black to dress lower cabinetry, with a white and bright upper, for a kitchen that shouts both traditional and contemporary.

Alternatively, make a statement with bold black benchtops.

You can use various shades of black to balance with white, so the choice for the amount of impact boils down to personal style.

Nail It with Navy

If black and white is too much for your personal taste, or perhaps a bit “too tired” – a great alternative with the same, classic outcome is navy and white. This colour combination puts off a cool, sophisticated vibe and pairs beautifully with timber, rattan or cane furnishings or flooring.

Natural Materials

Natural materials can help with creating two-toned kitchen inspiration when you balance all white cabinetry with warming wooden elements. This combination adds depth and dimension to the kitchen, through colour and texture, without giving up the clean, crisp look of a beautiful white kitchen.

Advances in kitchen material technology means that you can easily incorporate the look and feel of timber finish in your kitchen, without necessarily using raw timber products.

And the best part of including natural tones in your two-toned kitchen – it’s so easy to introduce more colour and character elements too. Simply add a chairs with coloured upholstery, coloured cushions, living art, or deco pieces to the space for instant pop.

Saturated Two-Toned Colour

If you are keen for some two-toned kitchen inspiration but not really set on running with two different colours as such, you might like to employ a more subtle take on two-tone by opting for different saturations of a single colour instead.

This method uses various depths of a hue to achieve some contrast and create interest. It’s a great example for two-toned kitchen inspiration as you can get a similar outcome to using different colours – more depth and more interest.

Double your design impact seamlessly with two-toned kitchen inspiration. For more ideas and design styling tips, see our two-toned kitchen inspiration gallery.

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