If you are not blessed with a large kitchen this doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful and functional kitchen area. There are many strategic design tricks you can use to maximize the space you have available and create the impression of a bigger kitchen. We hope these 8 creative tips for your small kitchen will help you make it feel large and spacious.

  1. Mirrored Splashback
    A mirrored splashback is a great way to open up a small area and double the size of your kitchen. They will reflect and bounce both natural and artificial light around the room and enhance the feeling of openness, especially if it reflects an opposite window view.
  2. White Surfaces
    White reflects light and makes walls recede so select light colour schemes for all areas in the kitchen, using similar pale or pastel shades. Match your cabinets and bench tops to your walls with a low contrast colour scheme to ensure your kitchen does not look overcrowded. Use several shades of white to add interest and avoid making your kitchen fell sterile.
  3. Open Shelving
    Cabinets and storage can play a huge role in how your kitchen looks, especially if you build up vertically. Using open shelving helps reduce visual weight as it is less bulky and creates the illusion of more space.
  4. Glass Cabinet Doors
    As long as you keep your cabinet contents orderly and clutter free, replacing solid cabinet doors with glass can help your kitchen feel more expansive. Glass doors will pull the eye past the cabinet frame so the walls feel further away and also reflects light. Also consider using shiny surfaces and glossy finishes like stainless steel and glass tiles as much as possible.
  5. Clean Lines
    Design your kitchen using clean lines and minimalistic features to make your space appear roomy. Keep elements sleek and tailored with minimal detailed patterns and no ornate cabinetry detailing for a streamlined effect.
  6. Lots of Light
    Welcome as much light as possible into your kitchen as it enlarges any space. Keep window frames and blinds to a minimal, streamlined design to avoid blocking any light and make the most out of the artificial light you install.
  7. Flooring
    Use patterns or stripes that draw the eyes vertically, making your kitchen appear longer or taller than it actually is. You can enhance your space by using horizontal or large diagonal stripes and light coloured flooring.
  8. Carve in Storage
    Add more storage space without taking up valuable floor space by recessing a shelving unit into the wall. This can add visual depth into your kitchen and increase storage areas.

If you are designing a kitchen for a small space, consider these options while going through the design process. With these tips you can utilise all of your space and turn a small kitchen into a beautifully designed spacious kitchen.

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