With nature’s finest on show, a stunning play on colour, and innovative technology and storage solutions right at our fingertips; here are the top style and design ideas to inspire your new kitchen this year.

If there is at least one positive we can take from 2020, it would be an increased appreciation of the spaces within our homes. For many, spending more time at home last year meant more dependence on functionality, and moreover, more demand on the humble workhorse – the kitchen! Now, moving on to 2021, we are seeing new kitchen designs open and welcoming with warmth and an air of staying power.

Following is a rundown on the leading style and design ideas for new kitchens this year.

New Kitchen Colours – Warm and Welcoming

While white is still a go-to colour in new kitchens, 2021 has seen a revival of beautiful, warm accent colours that reflect a comforting vibe amongst clean, fresh, liveable spaces. This warmth is being introduced through the use of natural timbers and stone (or timber-look and replica stone materials) against the soft, white backdrop.

Image source: Harrington Kitchens, Harrington Kitchens

Deep accent paint colours such as black, dark green and navy blue are not uncommon and work well with the natural fibres and light starting palate associated with new kitchens this year.

New Kitchen Materials

As touched on above, 2021’s new kitchens are swimming in gorgeous natural fibre and material. Timber and stone produce both texture and warmth, however veined marble can make a space appear opulent and with similar warming qualities.

Image source: Harrington Kitchens, Realestate View

Further to this, beautifully-finished concrete is also an interesting addition for enhanced character and is becoming a popular option for new kitchen benchtops in spaces that evoke more of an industrial vibe.

New Kitchen Faucets

Whether derived from a heightened awareness of good hand hygiene, or for simple convenience measures of hands-free functionality, touch-free faucets are on the rise in new kitchens this year.

With options such as touch-tap, hands-free, motion control, and even smart-wired voice activated taps, these new kitchen devices are both convenient, more hygienic, and can be ultra-productive by measuring water quantities needed for recipes too. Just simply tell them what you need.

Matt black faucets will introduce more warmth in respect to colour, however matt or brushed stainless faucets are another great alternative if you don’t need as much personality on the sink area.

New Kitchen Storage

More time in the kitchen also calls for reliance on those little things – convenient appliances, cooking aids and more food stock! It’s important that every new kitchen be well prepared with storage solutions that can cope.

Image source: Harrington Kitchens, Hettich

New kitchens this year are stocked up on enhanced storage solutions to make use of every space; such as larder cupboards, walk-in pantries, hidden slide-out cupboards, and even free-standing options like cabinets, butcher’s blocks and rolling kitchen carts.

An Island in Your New Kitchen

Island benches have been reinstated as a staple addition in new kitchens. And when planning for its design, it is important to consider the multi-functional potential of an island bench.

Image source: RooHome, Harrington Kitchens

In addition to cooking and preparing, an island bench should be designed to accommodate work and study tasks, as well as a place to entertain guests. Plan for ample seating, storage space, power outlets and food preparation aids too.

Returning to Nature in Your New Kitchen

Splashes of nature have been brought in to embrace a naturalist, calming and homely vibe in new kitchens. Whether through divider walls of greenery, windowsill herbs, oversized leaves in floor-standing pots, or open shelving with succulents and cascading greenery; 2021 is a year to embrace the tranquil appeal of nature in your new kitchen.

Where possible, new kitchen designs are also making use of bifold doors that open to outdoor living spaces and large windows to introduce free-flowing, fresh air and views of the outdoors.

Image source: Harrington Kitchens, Harrington Kitchens

New kitchen designs are clutter-free with crisp, clean finishes that ooze comfort, style, functionality and convenience. These are the top style ideas to inspire you when creating a new kitchen in 2021.

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