To the naked eye, many kitchen cabinets may look to be quite similar. But, in fact, there are a lot of differences you may not be aware of when you go behind the scenes of manufacturing quality kitchen cabinets. From where the cabinets are made to the type of fittings, materials, supports, and plenty in between; quality kitchen cabinets trump inferior products through overall lifespan and aesthetic appeal.

At Harrington Kitchens we are committed to delivering kitchen cabinets of outstanding quality and craftmanship. We’d love to take you through what you can expect from us when it comes to quality kitchen cabinets for your custom-made kitchen, and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Origin of Manufacture

First and foremost, generally you can’t expect to obtain the result of superior quality kitchen cabinets by using cheap and inferior products and materials that are manufactured in inferior factories in China. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” really rings true here. While it might initially look better for your hip pocket, opting for kitchen cabinets that are lower in cost will usually mean that they have been constructed using cheaper-produced materials, particularly the cabinetry carcass board, and cheaper manufacturing processes, which can have a dramatic impact on the longevity and overall finish of your completed kitchen.

Australian-made products must comply to Australian Standards, which also ensures the materials used in the construction can handle the weight of items such as heavy stone bench tops.

Quality kitchen cabinets that are manufactured in Australia, like the ones made by us at Harrington Kitchens, are created using sturdy, moisture-resistant melamine carcass board. This type of product is a much better choice for areas that are in close contact with water and other forms of moisture, such as around the sink and stove areas. The board that we use is E zero, which means it has very, very low levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a glue (containing a poisonous substance) that is used to bond pine chips together. Some cheaper boards that are made overseas, do not comply with the required quality standards here in Australia and have an unacceptably high amount of formaldehyde in them.

Assembly of Quality Kitchen Cabinets



Behind their closed doors and drawers, quality kitchen cabinets will be assembled using both screws and panel pins, which create a strong, long-lasting construction, ensuring that your kitchen will endure for 30 years and beyond.

Harrington Kitchens is proud to be using an Australian made Woodtron CNC machine that automatically drills all our cabinetry components so that our premium Hettich hinges can be positioned with extreme accuracy. The combination of German precision from Hettich, and our CNC drilling, means that our door hinges have an amazing lifespan, never sag, break or fail. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, these hinges are covered with a lifetime replacement warranty!

Shelf Supports

The shelf supports used in our Harrington Kitchens cabinets are fully adjustable, but once in position, they lock the shelves into place. You will only find this option available in the assembly of quality kitchen cabinets as low-cost kitchen providers generally find these components too costly.

Levelling Feet

Quality kitchen cabinets will be assembled with adjustable feet. This allows the cabinet installer to wind the feet up or down to ensure perfectly level cabinetry at all times. This is particularly important, and can help to ensure a quality finish, especially if the existing flooring is not perfectly level.

Quality Control

Quality kitchen cabinet suppliers have established and efficient processing systems in place. This ensures consistent quality control and output for each and every project.

Our kitchen cabinetry products are locally produced in our Narellan facility in Sydney, New South Wales. This allows us total control over the quality of each and every piece. We can pre-fit rangehoods, ovens, dishwashers, fridges and other items to ensure they fit perfectly into a bespoke kitchen cabinet design. Our hands-on approach means that we can also build quality kitchen cabinets with ventilation for ovens, cooktops and fridges, based on manufacturers requirements to eliminate any potential appliance warranty issues.

Harrington Kitchens quality kitchen cabinet design and assembly process is customised for every individual job ensuring quality always. They are not a modular, mix-and-match style kitchen that is made from a limited range of standard pieces and configurations.

If anything should happen to any component of your Harrington Kitchens finished product, you are covered by a lifetime warranty on your Hettich hinges and drawers and backed by our workmanship guarantee, which promises great workmanship, quality materials and exceptional service.

Quality Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

The finish and design is also an important part of creating and delivering a quality kitchen cabinet. For instance, quality suppliers offer design options to suit a variety of styles, which might include Shaker-style, flat panel or glass door options, as well as open shelving.

Harrington Kitchens quality kitchen cabinets are painted in a limitless range of premium polyurethane paint finishes for a long-lasting and durable result. You can see some of our hand painted kitchens in our online gallery. All painting is also done onsite in our Narellan facility, so we have complete quality control over all aspects of the finishing process too.

* Tip: to help with your design planning, see ‘which kitchen cabinet suits your kitchen style’.

Licenses and Approvals

Quality kitchen cabinet suppliers will be licensed, have insurance cover, such as public liability insurance, and should offer peace of mind to clients with their own guarantees for workmanship. In addition, it is important for you as the client and homeowner to be aware that any kitchen or renovation project that has a contract value greater than $20,000 may require “Home Owners Warranty” insurance. Be sure to always do a license check search on the NSW Department of Fair Trading website before you engage any kitchen renovator to commence work in your home.

Important Things to Consider

When seeking out a quality kitchen cabinet supplier for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation, consider:

  • do they manufacture their own cabinets?
  • do they paint their doors and cabinets “in-house”? This ensures better quality control. When you choose Harrington Kitchens as your kitchen manufacturer, it means that the paint work is guaranteed by us, not a 3rd party.
  • location – of the office, showroom and manufacturing facilities
  • are they correctly insured and licensed?
  • ask to see feedback, testimonials and/or examples of their workmanship on previous projects
  • are there warranties or guarantees in place for your peace of mind?

The backbone to quality kitchen cabinets is an honest, reliable kitchen supplier who manufactures high-quality, customisable kitchens that meet Australian standards, and backs their work with guarantees for years to come. When you are looking for a quality kitchen cabinet supplier – look no further than Harrington Kitchens!

For an impressive array of kitchen design ideas and quality kitchen cabinet options, take a look at our Harrington Kitchens gallery. Book a consultation with our design team to see how we can help create you a beautiful, quality, custom made kitchen.