If you want to enjoy an organised and clutter-free kitchen that looks great too, check out these clever decorative kitchen storage ideas. They are so good they are sure to make even the most accomplished kitchen design experts envious!

The kitchen is often the busiest area of the home. Baking, roasting, frying, kneading and sautéing; and there are plenty of other functions the kitchen plays host to in its time. Apart from cementing its reputation as the cooking and food preparation quarters, we see kitchens as a space to do homework, read the daily news, waft down brekkie, have gossip gatherings with friends, and even cocktail sessions on Fridays!

With all this happening in the kitchen it can get under a little stress at times. And the tell-tale sign of a stressed kitchen is a seeming lack of appropriate kitchen storage. However, what seems like kitchen storage shortage can often come down to a little re-organisation and a declutter once-over.

So, what can be done to declutter and re-organise a kitchen so busy and relied on? Here are 10 of our best decorative kitchen storage ideas.


#1 Crisp and clear kitchen storage

Our first kitchen storage idea is ideal for those who like to bake and create meals from scratch. Dry ingredients like pasta, rice, flour, soup peas, lentils and sugar can be stored in perfectly coordinated glass jars and can add some ‘home cooking vibe’ to the kitchen.

Create fresh kitchen storage for these items by fixing a shelf to the wall. Add some chalk labels to your jars (so you can change the names on the labels as often as you need to change the contents) and pop them on your new shelf. You could also use the space for baskets full of cookie cutters, cupcake cases and cake decorations.

For something a little out of the ordinary, check out these cool cereal dispensers we found online.


#2 Peg board

Transform a blank wall into a kitchen storage dream with a simple peg board. Hang utensils, baskets of cooking tools and smaller items instead of stacking them away in a drawer. Coordinate colours with other kitchen décor items for an ornate element.

This paddle board chopping board from Kmart is a great example of an item perfect to hang on a peg board.


#3 Cookbook nook

If you are a home chef, likely chances are you will have a supply of cookbooks on hand. Don’t waste them away by stacking them on top of each other in a cupboard. Create a kitchen storage cookbook nook for them instead.

Use the spare space between your fridge and the wall, or under some overhead cabinetry to create a slimline cookbook library.


#4 Bask in the glory of baskets

Baskets are underrated when it comes to decorative kitchen storage solutions. Add a storage basket inside a cupboard or on an open shelf to help keep your kitchen organised and neatly stacked. Simply pull out the basket when you need to check the contents rather than rummaging throwing loose items in the cupboard.


#5 Out of the way but easy into your hands

Add a bar under an overhead cabinet to free up some benchtop space and introduce extra kitchen storage for items like wooden spoons, serving utensils, strainers and measuring spoons. Use a stainless bar to match stainless appliances or a coloured rod to coincide with coloured appliances. This is a simple, low-cost and highly-effective kitchen storage idea.


#6 Reinvent un-used kitchen storage space

Transform some under-used kitchen storage into a workhorse.

A cabinet over the fridge is the perfect place to store items that don’t need to be called upon as often as others. Or add some open shelves to this area to store precious chinaware or cocktail glasses, rather than wasting up kitchen storage you need for more pertinent items.


#7 Kitchen storage above and beyond

Kitchen storage does not need to be limited to cabinets and benchtops. You can create some suspended kitchen storage using a hanging pot rack. If you are handy with tools you could make one yourself. A quick online search will reveal a wide range of designs and styles and how you can recreate them. Or if you prefer the ready-made kind, there are plenty available to buy too.


#8 Island cart storage

If you find your kitchen storage and bench space could both do with a boost, you could make use of an island cart or butcher’s block. A kitchen island tucks away your serveware and provides additional preparation space. It can also be used to as a transportable cocktail station.

Island carts such as this one, include built-in cabinetry, a drawer for utensils, shelves and chopping board. Just wheel it away to the side of the room, and add a lovely vase of flowers to display when you don’t require its use. This makes an attractive kitchen storage idea with multiple uses – perfect!


#9 Turn vintage into a kitchen storage helper

If cabinet space is limited and your budget is tight, think about how you can create some extra kitchen storage from upcycling. Sand and varnish an old wooden fruit crate, turn it on its side, and you have an instant on-the-bench shelf to use for plates and coffee cups. Or even mount it on the wall to keep the bench space free. You can often find some amazing upcycling candidates at op shops if you take a look around.


#10 Reinvent the purpose

If you find a kitchen storage idea you love, but it is all kinds of wrong – don’t worry! Reinventing the purpose could be perfect for you.

We like the idea of transforming this drainer dishrack into a decorative kitchen storage solution for plates. Non-traditional but we love the aesthetics of it.


What is the best kitchen storage idea of all?

There is no hard and fast rule into creating perfect kitchen storage. What works for you could be completely different to what works for someone else. A home entertainer will require different solutions to someone who prefers to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen for example.

The best approach is to think about the main functions within your kitchen and plan your kitchen storage around that.


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Main image source: kitchenstuffplus.com