A clutter free kitchen is a necessity with everyone’s busy schedule to avoid fumbling around to find items and create an efficient kitchen flow.

Who doesn’t love more storage and an organised space to work with?


  1. Declutter

Get rid of anything you do not use! Either throw, giveaway to friends and family or donate rarely used appliances and crockery. Now to tackle the fridge and pantry a deep clean and chuck of anything expired, food stuck at the bottom of jars that cannot be taken out and kitchen tools that are on their last limbs.

  1. Create Zones

Every kitchen varies in size and utility so to create a cohesive kitchen that will suit every kitchen is to have zones organised by task. By creating zones any person who uses the kitchen knows where everything is which is particularly great when entertaining and guests help.

  • Cooking Zone: Cooking tools and condiments such as pots, utensils and spices
  • Washing Zone: Items stored in lower drawers and below the sink such as salad spinners, colanders and plastic containers. Items stored in higher cabinets near the sink include plates, bowls and glasses. These should be arranged according to size to make everything easily accessible.
  • Food Zone: Everything does not have to go together in this zone. Though if possible to do so try to organise similar food together. For example, if you’re an avid smoothie maker keep all your smoothie supplies in one convenient cupboard or draw near your blender for convenience. This also frees up space in another section where you can add more food.
  1. Everyday Essential Space

Location, location as they say in real estate is also very vital in the kitchen. Everyday essentials are given priority placed on countertops or easy to reach spots such as cupboard or drawers around your kitchen bench. We tend to use very few items on a daily basis so have essentials and in prime positions will not create any clutter.

  1. Pantry organisation is key

The pantry can quickly become a spot that is an unorganised mess where items get forgotten about in the back. We recommend having an easily accessible pantry will pull out draws, multi tiered shelves, lazy susan and labelling to find items easily. Also try to organise items with the same shape as studies show we can easily associate shapes with location hence trying to find the right item easier. Larger boxes that seem awkward to fit into the pantry easily can be thrown away and food can be placed in airtight clear containers with labels to easily see what’s inside.

  1. Fridge Space

The fridge is not an appliance that usually gets outgrown and replaced but can be get quite full quickly. Putting some extra work into your fridge will save you money by nothing going to waste. Maximise space by buying Tupperware or trays that will easily fill up the depth of the fridge and colour coordinate to identify fruit, vegetables and meat. Add a lazy susan to your shelves for smaller items like condiments to prevent items getting forgotten about. You’ll be surprised how much extra space will be created once organised.

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