Design Tips & Tricks

The calm, coastal feel of the Hampton style kitchen has increased in popularity over the past few years. If you love a relaxed, beachy atmosphere, a Hampton style kitchen design is for you. Hampton style kitchens incorporate light, airy touches and a sophisticated yet relaxed feel, all in the heart of your home. Make the most of the seaside all year round with these Hampton kitchen design elements.

Tiles are a popular choice in the kitchen as you can use several different types and applications to enhance your kitchen design. As tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colours and textures they can be used to create a feature or bold statement in your kitchen. Their ease of cleaning and durability makes a great kitchen splashback or kitchen flooring option. Here are some modern kitchen tile options for your next kitchen renovation.

Industrial kitchens are becoming popular as they embrace old and new elements for an edgy design style. They often cost less as you can let the history of your space come through with exposed elements, tough surfaces, brick walls and rustic finishes. You can create an industrial kitchen without an industrial space by using a combination of the following materials for a raw and eclectic feel.