There are some kitchen chores that can slip our minds, but cleaning your kitchen is essential to sustaining your appliances and ensuring you have a clean environment to live and cook in. If you follow this guide correctly we guarantee you’ll have a shiny and clean kitchen that’ll look brand new.

To-Do List

Creating a cleaning list and keeping it in a visible spot on the fridge or the pantry will help you keep on top of your kitchen’s cleaning needs. Start the process by doing your daily kitchen clean up to clear some clutter then dive in a start deep cleaning everything in sections to avoid having a cluttered work space. Your list should be divided into two parts. A daily clean up section which includes washing dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor; the second section is seasonal cleaning like the fridge and dishwasher.


This area is most likely to get out of control quickly with forgotten left over food in the back of the fridge or having leaky containers. Begin by taking all items out and placing in a cooler. Remove shelves and drawers, and mix baking soda with water to clean the inside of the fridge. Baking soda is affordable, eco-friendly and ideal for neutralising odours and dissolving stubborn dirt and grease.


Splatters and left over food particles will make your appliance run less effectively. Fast action is required when splatter occurs to avoid hardening of food. Use a wet sponge to clean and place a bowl of water and microwave to create steam that will make all hardened food soften and easily wipe off.

Prevention is key when it comes to the microwave, ensure that food is always covered to avoid mess.


The most visible stains and spills are noticeable on benchtops. It can be tempting to use abrasive products to take stains out but this can damage your benchtop. For marble we recommend using non-acidic products like mild soap and water to clean with. For granite, a cloth and some warm water is all that is required or specific cleaners that are made for granite can be used. Wooden benchtops require fast action after a spill as it can easily ruin the surface. Scrub surface with mild soap and for tough stains use baking soda or lemon with salt.


Your walls should be cleaned every few weeks to avoid leaving dust and stains sticking around. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and use baking soda for tougher stains. If you have a lighter coloured wall or regularly use your stove we suggest installing a splashback. They come in a variety of colours and materials to suit every style and are easy to clean.

We recommend undertaking a deep clean of the kitchen each season to ensure cleanliness for you whole family.

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