Design Tips & Tricks

The kitchen island is one of the most diverse features in any kitchen, providing both storage and work space. It is a wonderful and practical addition to any new kitchen design but it is not the only option. Maybe your family and lifestyle would better suit a kitchen table. If you are thinking of breaking away from the standard island, here are some things to consider when deciding between a kitchen island and a kitchen table.

As the kitchen is the centre of the home in many households, in a large busy family it is best to consider your lifestyle when designing your kitchen. Set up your cooking space to cater to family gatherings, small children, and busy schedules with low maintenance options in mind. Minimal chaos and maximum organisation along with the following design tips will create a family-friendly kitchen to suit your busy household.

White kitchens are a very popular kitchen choice as they are fresh, timeless and create the impression of a larger space. If you are after a sophisticated and versatile kitchen design, a white kitchen will add a beautiful finish to your home. If your dream kitchen has an all-white interior but you’re not sure how to approach the style, read our simple guide on how to design a white kitchen.

L-shaped kitchens are ideal for smaller kitchens as they are functional and easily suit a two wall set up. An L-shaped kitchen is a popular layout as it tucks neatly in the corner of your home while still remaining open to the surrounding space. L-shaped kitchens are also able to act as a wall divider between the kitchen and the living area. Here are some L-shaped kitchen design ideas to consider for your next kitchen renovation.

Besides being practical and durable, your kitchen floor is a major design element in your home. Choosing your kitchen floor can be a challenge, as it must be high-performing to withstand constant traffic as well as suit your kitchen style. With a variety of colours, textures, materials and finishes, your kitchen flooring choices are endless. Read on to discover quality yet stylish flooring ideas for any kitchen design.

When designing a kitchen from scratch or planning a kitchen renovation, it is important to consider the amount of kitchen preparation space you have to work with. When you think about all of the kitchen appliances and supplies that take up space on your kitchen bench top, there is not a lot of room left for preparation. If you aren’t blessed with a large kitchen, consider some versatile alternatives to create a functional kitchen. Here’s how to double your kitchen workspace and inspire your family to prepare and cook more meals in the kitchen.