Design Tips & Tricks

Choosing the right colour scheme to paint your new kitchen can be a tricky and time-consuming decision with so many shades to choose from. A smart option is to choose a kitchen colour scheme that will stand the test of time as it will be favoured by the majority of homeowners and won’t go out of style. Read on to find a classic and timeless colour scheme to suit your taste and your new kitchen.

If your design taste is a coastal, beach style with a touch of class, a Hampton style kitchen may be the perfect fit for you. Hampton style kitchens have a relaxed coastal and casual feel with an elegant design. Inspired by the peaceful seaside lifestyle of The Hamptons of Long Island, New York, Hampton style kitchens reflect a classic coastal look and are designed and built to last.

Whether you are tired of your dull, out-dated kitchen or you would like to increase the value of your home, it may be time to plan a kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the room of the house that needs the most planning and consideration. To help you think like a kitchen designer, here are 5 key steps and process to think about before you begin your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen cabinets not only determine the look and feel of a kitchen but also its functionality. Kitchen cabinets have a large impact on your budget as well as your kitchen’s style, so there is no surprise that choosing your kitchen cabinets is a big decision making process. There are several elements of kitchen cabinets which you should keep in mind when designing your kitchen to help obtain the best final results while improving your home décor with convenient storage options.

There are some kitchen chores that slip to the back of our minds when cleaning but are very important in sustaining your kitchen and its appliances. Sometimes the state of your kitchen can impact on the impression of your entire home. Here are some time-saving kitchen cleaning tips and techniques for your most used items and work spaces to ensure you make the most of your dream kitchen.

A stunning splashback can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen splashbacks are no longer just an afterthought; many people even design their whole kitchen around their splashback. There are many innovative kitchen splashback styles at the moment which can add character and dimension to any kitchen design. Here are our pick of splashback trends to liven up your kitchen in 2015.

An island in the kitchen serves as a central gathering space and is often the focus of many kitchens. Extra-long kitchen islands have definite advantages acting as the central host of many functions; food preparation, cooking, serving, seating and storing. Here are some possibilities to consider when incorporating an extra-long kitchen island into your kitchen design.

When designing a new kitchen or renovating an outdated kitchen there are many things to be taken into consideration. While choosing which bench top materials, kitchen cabinet door styles or extravagant kitchen appliances you want to use, it is also important to think about the smaller details of your new kitchen. To add the perfect finishing touch to the functionality of your kitchen renovation, here are some innovative kitchen design solutions you may not have thought about before.

Early morning starts would be much easier if you knew you had a comfy and intimate eating area in your kitchen to relax with a hot cup of coffee. An eat-in kitchen provides a place for family and friends to gather during food preparation as well as a cosy area to enjoy a long breakfast in the sun. Eat-in kitchens have endless design opportunities and aren’t limited to only large kitchens; you can simply add stools to a kitchen island or add a table and chairs to create a breakfast nook. Here are some creative ideas for small kitchen eating areas to inspire more family meals at the table.

When embarking on a kitchen renovation, the fun part is spending hours collecting inspiration for your dream kitchen. The hard part is narrowing down your options and finding your perfect kitchen style from hundreds of inspiring kitchen collections. Here are some tips on how to get through the first stage of remodelling your kitchen – finding your kitchen style.