Racking your brain for kitchen design ideas that will refresh your cooking and entertainment quarters? No matter the size of your kitchen, or your budget, these kitchen design ideas will have you covered.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to refresh or update your kitchen. With these following kitchen design ideas, you can give your kitchen a mini makeover, in just a jiffy and on a shoestring.


Cheap and easy kitchen design ideas

Without going to the extremes of new kitchen cabinetry or a major renovation, there are plenty of kitchen design ideas that can be implemented for a successful kitchen a makeover.


Start at the bottom

If your kitchen is lacking some colour, texture or character, a floor rug can help to spruce things up. Prints and patterns can add instant spark to any space, particularly on an area generally as bland as the floor.

For a balanced look, use neutral prints and stick to one or two colours. Or for a bolder, more charismatic effect, choose a floor rug with plenty of colour.

Consider the size of the area and choose a rug with a design that will complement the space. Think about the size of the feature print or pattern – a larger area can accommodate more noise than a smaller space.


Shelve it

Open shelving and glass-door cabinetry provide the ideal base for new kitchen design ideas. To tackle a refresh, start by clearing everything off the shelves then build again from there.

Unlike the floor rug above, focus on a limited colour palette. For added character, introduce a few decorative items like quirky salt and pepper shakers, a tea pot or a miniature sculpture; but remember the main aim is to keep shelving items practical and functional.

Ensure your displayed goods don’t detract from cabinetry, splashbacks or other prominent kitchen features. Too many conflicting colours or patterns on plates and dishes can kill a new kitchen design idea in an instant.

* Tip: if your plates and dishes could do with an update or colour replacement, major chains like Kmart and IKEA are great for cost-effective serve ware. Kmart has been known to sell dinner plates for as low as 20 cents each! New dinner plates look clean, fresh and are an easy way to kick-off a refreshed kitchen design idea.


Tea, coffee or cocktails anyone?

We all have “that space” on the kitchen bench that is under-used and under-loved, typically in the corner out of sight and out of mind. For the home entertainer or tea and coffee connoisseur, repurpose that wasted area into a preparation hub.

To achieve this simple kitchen design idea, simply reorganise your tea and coffee supplies (or cocktail mixers and tools) all together.

Depending on what is used the most, here are a few kitchen design ideas to create your hub:

  • display a portable coffee machine/tea pot and kettle on the bench
  • hang mugs and cups on hooks under overhead cabinets, or on a mug tree, or place on open shelving above. Add some strip lights under the overhead cabinets within this space for added ambience
  • display coffee pods, loose-leaf tea and sweeteners in repurposed mason jars
  • if it’s mixology you prefer; keep a blender on hand with freshly potted mint, swizzle sticks, re-usable stainless straws, and cocktail glasses. Keep your mixers in the cabinetry nearby

Finish the area with a framed print or two. Make your own signs by grabbing some printables on Pinterest; we found a few cocktail signs and tea and coffee signs here you might like.


The solution to storage

If your goods are abundant but storage is lacking, this kitchen design idea is for you. Aside from throwing all those un-used tools and gadgets away, try creating some additional storage with a few non-obtrusive items.

Stainless steel tubs, mason jars, baskets in cabinetry which have had the doors removed, or a crate or two tipped on their side atop a kitchen bench are all easy kitchen design ideas that generate more storage for minimal fuss.

* Tip: these small, cubed cabinets from Kmart work a treat for fruit and vegetable storage. Add some plastic or woven baskets to free up space on the counter top or inside your kitchen pantry.


Add the trimmings

No masterpiece is complete without the trimmings; and trimmings are exactly what finish off our cheap and easy kitchen design ideas.

Trimmings can be as simple as a floral display using sprigs from your garden, a colourful bowl of fresh fruit atop the kitchen bench, or a candle or two.

You could also consider adding new curtains to the window, cushions to breakfast bar stools, and update your kitchen linen to match.

Remember, a little is a lot and the secret to good trimmings is to keep them simplistic and minimal.


These kitchen design ideas will give your kitchen an instant refresh. If you are thinking you need something a bit more than a refresh, like a whole new kitchen, be sure to get in touch with our talented team of kitchen designers. You can contant on 1300 662 112, submit an online enquiry or visit us at our Narellan or Bowral showrooms.

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