Reminding us of the smell of fresh pine trees and toasting marshmallows on an open fire, farmhouse style kitchens are adorned with elements from the rustic country life. With their age-old wooden features and elements from nature, modern farmhouse kitchens evoke a laid-back look and feel.

Featuring the best of the old tied meticulously with conveniences of the new, farmhouse style kitchens have made a comeback in recent times. Perhaps it is a little about imaging a place where we can escape the city hustle and bustle – if even just for a moment. Rekindling the flame of country life has hit a new high in homes.

Whatever the case, here are 11 design tips to create a farmhouse style kitchen in your home.

Natural stone

Farmhouse style kitchens feature fabulous splashes of nature and stone is one of those accents commonly seen within rustic farmhouse kitchens.

Stone is a beautiful material to work with. It can be used as an entire kitchen splashback, a feature wall, a kitchen benchtop, on flooring, or in a fireplace hearth. With so many colours, textures and sizes available, natural stone makes a great choice for farmhouse styled kitchens.


Wood goes to a farmhouse styled kitchen like chalk goes to a blackboard – they were made for each other. Upcycled pieces of wood reign supreme in farmhouse style kitchens. Widespan floor planks from the days of old, repurposed wooden furniture, wooden cabinetry, and oversized ceiling beams. No farmhouse style kitchen is complete without the inclusion of natural wood that welcomes the outside in.

Wood is a vital inclusion of farmhouse style kitchens. Dark wood which radiates warmth, or shades of scarlet that replicate an old barn. The choices are endless and the uses aplenty.

Interested in the transition of wood and stone at work in a modern farmhouse style kitchen – check out our gallery here.

Lighter coloured wood

Wood does not need to be natural coloured all of the time. Bleached wood works just as good in farmhouse style kitchens. Light coloured wood is particularly helpful in smaller sized kitchens leaving the space open and airy instead of warm and closed in.

Rustic splashes

If a predominantly wooden farmhouse style kitchen is not your thing, just introduce a few interesting wooden features instead. Glossy white cabinetry coupled with a black kitchen splashback can still ooze farmhouse charm with splashes of rustic wood here and there.

Consider introducing some wooden breakfast bar stools and a wooden hanging feature, like an upcycled ladder to home some live plants or cooking utensils. Industrial pendant lighting would finish this look beautifully.


Textiles will piece your farmhouse kitchen together nicely. If you want warm and cosy, add some sheepskin-looking cushions. If it is open and airy you would prefer, then use hessian-style or natural linen accents instead.

Don’t be afraid to add some textile window trimmings and table linen. In a modern farmhouse kitchen, minimalistic is preferable and colour is welcomed.

Worn and torn

Op shops are perfect places to pick up some farmhouse kitchen charm. You might not find what you are looking for straight away but the hunt is often worth the effort.

Time-worn goodies like a card table that has seen better days is perfect to style for a breakfast nook table. Depending on its condition you could always give it a fresh coat of paint if need be. But remember, cracks and dents add character. Include some chairs or bench seats with cushions, farmhouse table linen, and your farmhouse kitchen breakfast area is complete.

Farmhouse style kitchen accessories

A little bit of rustic chic goes a long way in modern farmhouse style kitchens. Refrain from the stereotypes of rooster statues and bread baskets and opt for some contemporary farmhouse kitchen charm. Think outside the square for your farmhouse kitchen décor:

  • painted fruit crates to display freshly growing herbs
  • stone abstract table pieces
  • chunky wooden fruit bowls
  • candle holders crafted from rope or twine
  • an oversized decorative wall clock
  • retro kitchen accessories like toasters and kettles

Want to make it pretty

Perhaps you like a little more femininity in your farmhouse kitchen. No problem. Simply add some stools or chairs with attractive fabric. Place a rug or floor mat near the kitchen bench, or add some window trimmings if space permits.

You can achieve a farmhouse kitchen style using feminie, white kitchen cabinetry too. Check out how we achieved a masculine and feminine symmetry for farmhouse kitchen styling on our online gallery.

Sky high farmhouse kitchen styling

Imagine having your pots and pans hanging from a wrought iron or wooden rack in the centre of your kitchen. That is farmhouse style for your kitchen achieved right there. Rustic-looking pot racks can be made from pretty much anything, all that you need is a little imagination – that beautiful chunk of driftwood you found at the beach, an old bicycle frame, or a coffee table frame.

Painted cabinetry

To achieve the farmhouse kitchen look, you could consider painting your kitchen cabinets. Chose a heritage colour such as shades of brown, green or red. Remember to include some wooden or stone elements to compliment your farmhouse kitchen style.

Open shelving

A must in any kitchen wanting some farmhouse charm. Open shelving can be added as a surplus to your existing cabinetry, or on the corner of your benchtop if it is fixed to the wall. You could simply replace some overhead cabinets with open shelving instead.

Farmhouse kitchen style has been around for many years. But the modern twist on farmhouse means keeping it sophisticated and simple, all while embracing its rustic roots.

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