Contemporary kitchens are easily recognisable by their sleek linear aesthetics. This usually means high-quality materials, handless cabinetry and stunning, streamlined appliances that are as equally important to the visual impact of the space as they are to the practical food-preparation functions that they serve. And that is just the beginning.

There is something very special about standing inside an amazing contemporary kitchen. The fact that it is of the current day in every aspect gives it a distinct air of sophistication and uniqueness that can be hard to replicate in the more traditional design styles. With contemporary kitchens it seems that whilst there are usually some similar features to be found across the board, the scope and potential of what can be created is almost limitless and truly inspiring.

So what is it exactly that makes contemporary kitchens so interesting and amazing? Let’s take a look at the main defining features and discover everything that we love about contemporary kitchens.

Distinctive contemporary features

Like most kitchens or any design space really, perhaps the most important place to start is with how it looks. Because contemporary kitchens are just that, contemporary, it means that the style is evolving and being created in the here and now. It doesn’t draw on a well-established design style that has specific criteria and guidelines as to what should be done, or not done, in order to remain true to that style. And so it is an exciting prospect to see how contemporary kitchen style changes from one year or style season to the next, and even from one kitchen to the next.

Create the contemporary kitchen look

Although the contemporary kitchen design style doesn’t necessarily come with a defined rulebook, there are some features that are notably particular to this style.

Clean lines and streamlined design

Typical visual aesthetic characteristics that you can expect to find in a contemporary kitchen include a clean, linear and streamlined design. This is not the place for ornate and intricate cornices or detailed wood paneling and mouldings on the cabinetry.

The visual style is such that even cabinetry hardware is usually non-existent, with cupboards and drawers instead featuring sleek handless opening solutions such as push-to-open mechanisms and shark nose finger pull both being popular options in this simplified, but definitely not basic, kitchen style.

Make a statement with dark colours and contrasting textures

Dark colours are also a distinctive feature of contemporary kitchens. There is currently a movement away from the all white or neutral colour palette of traditional kitchen styles and towards embracing the dramatic effects of darker tones such as black and grey instead.

That’s not to say that white or neutral tones are not used at all. But where they are used, they are usually always combined with creating visual interest in other ways too.

The use of vibrant colours, along with contrasting finishes and textures are common choices. This could be through the use of plants and greenery to help soften the harsh linear lines. Or consider combining contrasting cabinetry finishes such as high gloss and timber, or matte and metal for a truly special result.

Combine new materials with old favourites

Just as there are no set design rules to follow for a contemporary kitchen, there are no “rules” about which materials can and cannot be used either.

Concrete can really make a strong impact in a contemporary kitchen. Whether it’s a concrete bench top or a polished concrete floor, the fact that this is not necessarily a commonly thought of kitchen material makes concrete perfect for use in a contemporary kitchen that is pushing the boundaries to create its own unique statement.

Other not-necessarily-so-common-for-kitchens materials include metals and timber. Sure, metals are common for appliances and tapware, but what about metal cupboard doors? Or a metal bench top? Think about how you could use a different type of metal for traditional pieces – a brass tap or copper sink.

Tried and tested kitchen material favourites such as polyurethane and stone products such as quartz, marble, and granite can all make a striking statement in a contemporary kitchen.

Keep it simple

Whilst combining a mix of different materials and finishes in your contemporary kitchen is a great way to create a truly special space, you should be careful not to go too overboard with too many different ideas and products in the one space. Remember that contemporary kitchens are all about clean lines and letting the understated and minimal approach to design do the talking.

Use technology and design for function and efficiency

Contemporary kitchens are the perfect place to make use of the latest and greatest in kitchen technology and design.

Advancement in kitchen materials technology means that there are now products available for use on kitchen cabinetry that is fingerprint proof! Not only is this great for all kitchen styles, but particularly in a contemporary kitchen where the absence of hardware on the cabinetry means that there is a lot of direct finger contact with the cupboards and drawers.

Integrated appliances, particularly fridges and dishwashers, that disappear behind the streamlined cabinetry are a popular feature. Similarly, appliance design has now become just as much about how the products look and feature visually in a contemporary kitchen as well as their functionality.

The endless options and constant development of clever storage solutions also contribute to making a kitchen that is able to present the very latest in design and style ideas whilst also continuing to improve on its practical functions.

Inject uniqueness and personality with feature elements

Whilst there are some common elements to be seen within contemporary kitchens, perhaps the things that make them the most interesting and distinctive are the unique feature elements that become the talking point of each individual space. And whatever that might mean for each kitchen owner or designer is limitless. This can be achieved through the use of interesting statement pieces such as lighting or tap fixtures, appliances or stools. Or make a bigger impact by incorporating high gloss finishes, feature shelving or display cabinetry or unique tiling and splashback options, or whatever else you feel inspired to do. That’s the great thing about contemporary kitchens there are no rules!

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