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Baked Chicken with Sage and Prosciutto

This delicious Italian style dish looks and tastes amazing. But the best part is that it is ready to eat in 30 minutes!


Spiced Apple Dessert Scones

Satisfy your sweet tooth on a cold winter night with these delicious Spiced Apple Dessert Scones.


Chipotle Chicken and Sweet Potato Comforter

Looking for a big warm bowl of comfort food? What better solution is there than a recipe with “comforter” right there in the title?! This delicious bowl of Chipotle Chicken and Sweet Potato Comforter is just what the doctor ordered. Yummm!


Green Curry Rice with Salmon

There is nothing like sitting down in front of a delicious and fragrant bowl of curry. This Green Curry Rice with Salmon is a delicious twist on the popular Thai dish. And as an added bonus you can make it all in one wok! So there’s no big messy clean up afterwards.