When comparing the pros and cons of kitchen finishes, a polyurethane kitchen certainly has a lot of favourable properties. From durability right through to aesthetics, it is possible to add style as well as value to your home, simply by having a polyurethane kitchen as your choice of finish.

We have compiled some of our favourite “pros” to showcase why there is so much to love about polyurethane kitchens and highlight the potential that this finish can offer your cooking and entertainment quarters.

What we love about a polyurethane kitchen

Durable Finish

By way of durability, the finished surface of a polyurethane kitchen can be compared to what you’d find on a motor vehicle.

Polyurethane is a tough coating, made up of a mix of paint and hardener, which acts as a protectant to the substrate board that it is applied to. Once dried and cured, a polyurethane kitchen finish offers a fantastic resistance against scratches and chips, just like the paint on our cars deflects knocks from pebbles and stones while we drive. This doesn’t mean it is 100% impenetrable, but it is certainly a hardwearing cabinetry finish option for the high traffic kitchen area of your home. Unlike some of the other kitchen finishes available, if your polyurethane kitchen does fall victim to a few bumps or bruises, it can usually be repaired with minimal cost and fuss by having the damaged area refinished/repainted rather than needing to get the entire surface – whether a door or drawer face – replaced.


As well as being a force to reckon with against bumps and scratches, the coating used in polyurethane kitchens also contains UV-resistant properties to fight off potential damage or colour fade that can be caused by the sun. When using paint finishes that are cheaper, and lesser quality, products, long term exposure to direct sunlight will inevitably cause fading and yellowing to the surface. Because of it’s UV-resistant properties, you generally won’t have the problem of sun-faded, quickly deteriorating quality, kitchen cabinets or benchtops with a polyurethane kitchen.

No Ratty Edges or Peeling

As the finish on a polyurethane kitchen is applied as a spray-painted coating, you do not need to worry about any potential lifting or peeling, which can be common with some other finishes over time. This can become a particular problem if the finishes are not applied to the substrate board correctly.

Minimal Maintenance

Polyurethane kitchen finishes require very minimal maintenance. In fact, generally all that is required to remove any hand prints, splatters or smudge marks, is a wipe over with a damp cloth, followed by a lint-free rag or cloth to dry it off.

All Colours of the Rainbow and More

A massive benefit of polyurethane kitchens is that the colour of the paint can be fully customisable. This is especially beneficial if you need to colour match existing fixtures or fittings or have a specific style or colour target in mind. You can style your polyurethane kitchen in any colour of your choice – not just limited to a set range of colour options.

A Variety of Finished Looks for a Variety of Styles

Polyurethane kitchens are generally offered in either matt, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finishes. In addition to the myriad of colour choices, a variety of finishes offers even more variety and flexibility when it comes to co-ordinating a specific kitchen design style or trend.

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Important items to consider when choosing a polyurethane kitchen

To be fair, whilst there are so many things to love about polyurethane kitchens, we cannot focus entirely on all of the amazing benefits without sharing some of the things to be mindful of too when selecting this finish.

Preparation and Installation

In order to deliver a seamless, durable painted finish, polyurethane kitchens go through a rigorous and meticulous sequence of complex processes before they are ready to be installed. In order to obtain this seamless result, it is important to choose a professional supplier who has proven expertise with polyurethane kitchens. Do not sell yourself short by going for a supplier who promises anything but guaranteed results of the highest quality for an amazing polyurethane kitchen finish.

This commitment to quality should extend to the installation process too. It would be nothing short of disappointing to have immaculately finished cabinetry produced, only to have it carelessly installed.

The design, production and paint teams at Harrington Kitchens are experts with polyurethane kitchens. We pride ourselves in providing products and services of the highest standards to our valuable customers.


When assessing your kitchen cabinetry finish options, you will likely find polyurethane kitchens towards the higher end of the scale when it comes to cost. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true here. Due to all the reasons outlined above – enhanced durability, colour and finish options and ease of maintenance – adding a little bit extra to your budget initially can really pay off in the long run as you save on maintenance and repair bills down the track and enjoy your long-lasting kitchen cabinet finish for many years to come.

Polyurethane kitchens are typically considered a premium option and can play their part to contribute to the overall property value for resale purposes.

So, why exactly do we love polyurethane kitchens?

Polyurethane kitchens have the genetic makeup to withstand general wear and tear over time, which is especially great in high traffic kitchens for long-lasting appeal. They are considered a higher-end kitchen finish for resale value and the range of customisable colour and finish options makes a polyurethane kitchen the perfect choice for bespoke, on trend and enduring kitchens of any style.

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