Your dream kitchen is anything but adequate; so why should its features be. Whether you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation, building a completely new kitchen or just want a bit of an update now is the opportunity to incorporate life-changing features that you’ll will soon be unsure how you lived without. Here are a few functional yet luxurious ideas that you can incorporate into your kitchen.

  1. Second sink

An additional sink is an option for your kitchen island if you entertain frequently or have a large family as one sink can be for prepping and washing, while the other is near the bin perfect for washing and cleaning.


  1. Full extension Drawers

Having drawers that pull all the way out, have high sides and back easily stack plates and keep stored neatly as well as being able to reach right at the back of the draw without hassle so nothing gets forgotten back there.


  1. Deep Drawers

Deep drawers are great for storage, in particular large pots, pans and entertaining crockery for easy access in one convenient spot. Avoid bending, reaching and fumbling to the back of cupboards with deep drawers.


  1. Corner Storage

The corners of kitchens are ideal sections for additional storage – who can have too much storage? Every inch counts in the kitchen so utilise this space by installing a lazy Susan to rotate appliances or crockery easy without needing to pull everything out to reach the one required item from the back.


  1. Coffee Station

A small corner or alcove of the kitchen should be a dedicated coffee station if you’re a coffee lover. Keep a coffee machine, cups, sugar and condiments here for dedicated functionality for your morning coffee.


  1. Enclosed Bins

Storing both normal and recycling bins in a custom cabinet below the sink or within your kitchen island helps to save space by removing bins off the floor, hides odours and eliminates the risk of any pets trying to get to it.


  1. Walk in Pantry

Transform your kitchen with a walk in pantry to for a storage haven. There is no restriction to size so make it as big or small as you desire and customise the pantry to your lifestyle. For example, store away larger appliances, have an additional fridge for drinks and place bulky items like containers too.


  1. Island

Adding a kitchen island into your kitchen not only opens up the kitchen to make it seem larger but it also offers many multifunctional features within it self. Use the space to social when entertaining, add seats for eating or socialising while kids do their homework, offers more bench space, add a sink, mini drinks fridge and customisable storage to fit everything your need.


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