Rather than use standard, every day cabinet drawers and doors, why don’t you use something a little different? You can make your kitchen more functional and more beautiful with smart cabinetry choices. We have listed our favourite cabinet drawer and door types; see if they can enhance your kitchen!

Corner Drawers take the place of corner cabinets, and help you access that hard to reach place. These corner drawers pull out from the corner, and you can choose many depths to suit your needs. A great idea is to store your pots and pans here in a deep corner draw.

Pocket Doors are another space saver. A small internal pocket is built into each side of the cabinet. When the doors are open, they slide into these pockets and out of the way, and when they are closed they slide back into themselves covering the pocket. These are good doors to use to hide heavily used task or prep areas in your kitchen.

Lift-up Doors. These doors use a hydraulic mechanism, such as the Hettich Aventos Range, to raise the cabinet door up. Again this is a space saver, and makes opening the door so simple, especially if you install a push button mechanism, you can close the door with the push of a button, literally!

Tambour Doors, also known as garage doors, are perfect for hiding appliances or cookbooks used on a daily bases. This type of door usually opens from top to bottom, but can open from side to side, on a track inside the cabinet. The door then rolls over the inside top, or side of the cabinet.

Custom Drawers create a really unique look in your kitchen. This is where you can get really creative and show off your style. Some good ideas are to use old style vegetable and fruit crates or woven baskets. This look is not for every kitchen, and they can he harder to open as they have no internal hardware. An alternative is to add all different ornate knobs to your drawers. This way you are getting that unique eclectic look, while still keeping you drawers, and not having to change much in the kitchen design.

As you can see, there are many unique ways of fitting and using drawers and doors, which not only make your kitchen look nicer, but also function better.

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