Your kitchen is a natural gathering place in your home and a cluttered and unorganized space can have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your living area. If you put off organizing and cleaning your kitchen, soon enough it could turn into a chaotic mess, making simple tasks such as preparing breakfast can seem like a hassle. Follow these 7 steps to organize your kitchen, help your daily household routines run smoothly and enjoy the time you spend in the hub of your home.

Day 1 – Appliances
Firstly, start with your appliances, your fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher. Take every item out of your fridge and freezer and decide whether it needs to be thrown out, is out of date or something you’ll never eat. Now is a good time to give your appliances a thorough clean and degrease.

Day 2 – Cupboards and Drawers
Declutter the most used spaces in your kitchen, your cupboards and drawers – they can get messy very quickly. Get rid of things that are broken or you will never use and rearrange items so that the most used items are at the front and other items in a less primary position.

Day 3 – Pantry
If you have a large pantry, work with one area at a time. Throw out expired food and organize your items by mealtime categories, breakfast food, snacks and main meals. Invest in pantry racks or shelves to make the most of your usable storage space.

Day 4 – Sink and Garbage Area
The area under your sink is normally a big mess filled with cleaning supplies, random household supplies and plastic bags. Clean out and organize your under-sink storage area, scrub your sink to remove grime and take out the garbage bins and recycling containers.

Day 5 – Benchtops and Shelves
Cluttered bench tops and shelving will only make you kitchen look chaotic. If you have open shelving, remove and sort through all items and rearrange neatly. If there are items on your bench top you don’t use regularly, move them to a closed cupboard to keep your kitchen looking neat.

Day 6 – Other Areas
The last part of cleaning involves areas of your kitchen that are frequently forgotten about – the windows, walls and floors. Start from the top and move towards the floor, you will be surprised at what a difference it makes once these kitchen areas are clean.

Day 7 – Decorate
If there’s always been a piece of artwork that would look great on a spare part of the wall in your kitchen or you’ve always wanted to add a pop of colour to your kitchen space, now’s the time to do it. With a fresh palette to work with, make your kitchen an enjoyable hang out space and decorate to suit your style.

We hope these clever tips will get you on your way to a well organised kitchen. Here at Harrington Kitchens we can help you renovate and transform your out-dated kitchen into your dream design, no matter what your style.

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