The modern kitchen is a room where you can do it all; cook, eat, entertain or simply relax with your loved ones. It is important for your kitchen to reflect how you use the space through functionality and expose your personality throughout aesthetic features. With Summer approaching there is no better time to update your kitchen.

Below are a few ways to update your kitchen:

  1. Add a rug

Rugs are an essential to vary texture in your kitchen and instantly add visual interest into the space. Additionally, they add some warmth and colour into the space without breaking the bank.

  1. Replace Splashback

Give new life to your kitchen with a bold new colour like trending plum or add new tile patterns for some depth and intrigue. Anyone who steps into your kitchen will be amazed at the new focal point you created.

  1. Pendant Lighting

Introducing pendant lights above your kitchen island will transform your kitchen. They are much simpler to install than in built lights, functional and most importantly stylish.

  1. Nooks

Adding a coffee nook into the kitchen is perfect for coffee addicts where mugs, saucers, sugar, biscuits and required appliances are kept. This cosy spot will put a smile on your face each morning and will be a hit with all your guests.

  1. Change Hardware

A subtle change of hardware will have a lasting effect on your kitchen, particularly if you have a large kitchen with many handles and knobs.

  1. Add Personality

Placing artwork in the kitchen is an option to invigorate your space with colour and personality. Easily place in a spot where there is empty space and avoid splashes of food and water.

  1. Uniform Surfaces

If your kitchen does not have matching cupboards and benchtops, it may be time to have a uniform surface. This will elude everyone to think your kitchen is larger than it is by incorporating same cabinetry and colour.

  1. Be Hospitable

Gone are the days of wine storage just being for collectors. Wine storage is suitable for all homes and is a winner if you are regularly hosting. A dedicated wine fridge or simply storage next to your fridge can also work well aesthetically with your kitchen décor.