Hello and welcome to our 2023 Autumn newsletter!

Well, what a beautifully mild summer it was, and how green are all our lawns and gardens looking at the moment?

It was lovely to finally have some great weather and be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities that are synonymous with an Australian summer.

As we enter into the cooler months and the colourful autumn leaves start to fall, one thing that is not showing any signs of falling is the number of new kitchen projects on our books, and how hard our team is working. In fact, our forward bookings for 2023 are looking better than ever, which is really exciting.

It would seem that while the rate of new home building has slowed, many people are taking advantage of the equity in their existing homes and deciding to renovate, and with new kitchens being a great way to improve the value of your home, kitchen renovations remain a popular choice.

Material shortages continue to be a problem for the building industry as a whole. At Harrington Kitchens we are thankful that we have so far managed to overcome impending material shortfalls thanks to strong relationships with all our major suppliers. This means that there has been little, if any, impact on our proposed project deliveries due to material supply issues.

In my last few newsletters, I have mentioned that we’ve noticed how strong colour contrasts are certainly making their way back into the kitchen “fashion”. This trend is becoming even more noticeable now as more daring colour combinations are used. In particular, we’re seeing some new and interesting variations of green features and highlights being chosen.

This quarter we take a closer look at the timeless, yet versatile, style options for white kitchens. There’s a lot to learn, (and be inspired by!) in Essential Kitchen Design Ideas for Every Home as well as sharing Our Favourite White Kitchens for Every Style.

You also get to meet the newest addition to our design team, Garry. You might already be familiar with Garry as he has been an integral member of our Service & Maintenance team for quite some time. We are so excited to now have him as part of the design team, where we are sure he will make good use of his wide range of skills in designing and delivering amazing kitchens!

As Harrington Kitchens enters its 27th year of operation, I would like to take this opportunity to especially thank those loyal repeat clients who are now buying their second, and in some cases third, kitchen from us. Harrington Kitchens is a completely family-owned business and will remain that way heading into the future, and it makes me so very proud to see our customers come back time and time again.

Be sure to visit our online gallery or come into our Bowral or Narellan showrooms to see some wonderful examples of our amazing kitchen projects. Don’t forget that you can get in touch with the Harrington Kitchens team by calling us on 1300 662 112 or book a consultation via our website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you to bring your dream kitchen to life!

Warm regards
Mark Clarke